What Do You Think About Im Yoona Plastic Surgery?

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Well, for those folks who think the world of South Korean girl pop bands and stirring Asian dramas, Im Yoona certainly rocks! This young lass is as pretty as sin, crazy talented and has a smile that could melt down adamantium and compel obedience from a statue! And oh, did we mention that she’s the proverbial good girl and has not had even the hint of a scandal so far? In today’s world, that’s quite an achievement any way you look at it!

Im Yoona is very popular in Asia and most of the Pacific region, courtesy of Yoona Girls Generations. However, it is fully possible that most folks in the states have never heard of her and are apparently too busy wolfing down pepperoni pizza and watching Netflix catch a video of her singing her guts out and seductively shaking what her mama gave her! If that is true in your case, here’s your chance to get better acquainted with this proficient sexy lady!

Yoona SNSD first started off by modeling this and that, before popping up into the public consciousness with a rather sexy bang. Her membership of the Korean pop girl band Yoona Girls Generations provided the Launchpad for other more mainstream activities like acting, which she incidentally takes to like she was born to it!

Over the years of her career, lots of awards and recognition have come the way of this young lady, with lots more being reasonably expected to follow. Read on as we dig into this fabulous girl and stand ready to be thrilled!

SNSD Yoona- A Short Bio

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Im Yoon-ah was born on May 30, 1990, in Seoul, South Korea. She has a father and an older sister. Before becoming a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007, she spent some years being trained in singing, dancing, and acting and appeared in a few music videos and commercials.

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While still a member of Yoona Girls Generations she got and adroitly performed some minor roles in television dramas. Her first leading role came in May 2008 when she was cast as Jang Sae-byuk in You Are My Destiny. This KBS drama had impressive viewer ratings and exposed Yoona to a much wider audience. Her performance in the drama won some awards and showcased her abilities so effectively that more acting gigs were soon offered to her on a platter.

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In 2009, she had a lead role in an MBS drama called Cinderella Man, and another lead role in 2012 in a KBS2 drama called Love Rain. In the latter part of 2013, Yoona starred in a romantic comedy-drama called Prime Minister & I that was loosely based on the cult hit, The Sound of Music. While this failed to resonate with her domestic audience, her performance was roundly lauded.

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Her debut single came in March 2016 and was an urban pop song that did well on the charts. April 2016 saw this beauty cast in a Chinese drama titled God of War, Zhao Yun, which borrowed inspiration from a Chinese novel called Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The show was hugely popular and had more than 10 billion hits across a wide range of video sites. Soon after, Yoona released a mini-album in which she covered some of the more popular Mandarin songs around.

In September 2016, Yoona gained wider acclaim with her performance in an action thriller movie called The K2. In January 2017, she stunned audiences and critics with her performance in Confidential Assignment, which was an action film that could have made Rambo blanch! This movie saw her win a sacksful of awards.

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Her second solo single saw a worldwide release in September 2017, with the third single coming in 2018. In August 2018, Oh!GG, which was a subgroup of Girl’s Generation was created, with Yoona and a quartet of other SNSD members. This new group let loose a single “Lil Touch” that got it some respectable airplay.

Yoona is a UNICEF ambassador, has received a presidential commendation for religiously paying her taxes and in 2015 graduated from a prestigious Korean university, where she majored in theatre studies. She has dated a very few men and never been married, though sending her an application on the reasons you are the best person deserving of taking her home to mama might not be the best idea!

Is Im Yoona Plastic Surgery real?

While we are currently not prepared to swear on a stack of bibles that Yoona SNSD has had some work done on her to make her too sinfully adorable for our collective sanity, we cannot fully dismiss that possibility. So, here are some before and after pics of her during various stages of her life. Do take a look at them and judge for yourself.

A Real Jawbreaker!

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Now, take this image of Im Yoona back when she was a teenager. She does look too cute for words. Then here’s an image of when she landed in Girls’ Generation. Take a good look at her face and you will bound to notice that in the more recent image her jaw is pointy enough to poke holes in bread with! This suggests that she underwent chin reduction and jaw surgery. But she isn’t talking about that.

Cheeky Wonder!

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In this here picture taken in 2012, SNSD Yoona can be seen dressed in a figure-hugging gown, with her breasts standing tall and proud and making her look both innocent and sexy. Now, kindly lift up your eyes from her jugs and check out her cheek. Yes, her cheeks. These look fuller than they should and are much rounder, suggesting a cheek augmentation procedure of some sort. Here’s a before pic for you to judge for yourself.

Backing Up!

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In this picture which was taken in 2014, Im Yoona can be seen stunningly attired in a white gown that showcases her back. The shoot is for a Cartier ad and while her nose looks a little thinner than it should, there’s little reason to suggest she underwent rhinoplasty. Still, that does feature in some Yoona plastic surgery rumors.

Oopsy Boobsy!

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Dressed in a black gown that showcases her jugs to perfection, and with her dimples on full display, Yoona looks totally ravishing in this picture taken sometime in 2016. Now, take another look at her boobies. Go on, look all you like. No one will arrest you! Notice the way her breasts are fighting to escape from the confines of her dress and the way they push up against her chest? Doesn’t it look unnatural? If you look closer and sharpen your focus a little bit, what appears to be the top outline of her implants becomes visible. Or are we mistaken?

Lip To The D!

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In this 2017 image, Yoona is smiling for all she’s worth, while meeting some of her fans in Taiwan. Isn’t she a sight for sore eyes! Now, are her lips a little thicker than they should be or are our eyes deceiving us? Anyway, there’s of now little indication that she has had her lips injected to make them fuller, so we will leave you to make your own conclusions.

Yoona Gets the Moolah!

Yoona is nearly worshiped as a goddess in some parts of the world, and it might be time you jumped on the bandwagon! This young lady has a body one rarely sees on angels and talent of such quality as to boggle the mind. She is also an outstanding human being, loves to smile like she expects it to win her a Nobel prize and can sing sweetly enough to take folks to paradise and make some nightingales envious! Overall, she most definitely rocks!

Now, what are your thoughts about Yoona SNSD? What are your opinions about both her proven and alleged plastic surgery? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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