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Was Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery beautiful?

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Onika Tanya Maraj, otherwise known as Nicki Minaj to you all is a mere 5 feet 2 tall. This fact might be a little difficult to believe at first given who she is and the larger-than-life magic she has wrought on our collective psyche. She emerged from nowhere, sang highly suggestive songs like Super Bass and Anaconda and mercilessly if expertly shook her oh-so-shakeable booty in our faces and won every inch of our hearts! And from the look of things, she is not giving it back any time soon!

At present, this uber-colorful, outrageous and charming entertainment maestro is worth a cool $70 million, has a very active social media presence, has launched some fragrances, dabbled in fashion, and made TV and film appearances. She has conquered nearly everything within reach and soon enough, even this earth will be too tiny to contain her and her ambitions!

She is rightly regarded as one of the best and most successful rap artists ever, with even Lil Wayne being obliged to label her as an “icon” and is the 1st ever female solo artist with 7 singles sitting pretty on the Billboard Hot 100. The feats of this master twerker are even more impressive given that she had to overcome a messy, soul-destroying childhood in order to become what she is.

In case you were wondering about her early years were like and her achievements since then you can read on and get schooled!

Nicki Sings A Bootiful Song!

Onika Tanya Maraj was born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago on 8 December 1982. When she was 5, the whole family relocated to Queens, New York. Her mother is Carol Maraj, a part-time gospel singer, while her father Robert Maraj worked as a financial executive and sang gospel part-time. He was also a chronic drug and alcohol abuser with violence issues and in a vindictive rage once burned down the family house in the latter months of 1987. All these served to motivate the future Nicki Minaj. Nicki has an elder brother, an elder sister and a younger one.


nicki minaj before butt implants

The young Nicki was quite the dreamer and soon developed different personas and alter egos to help her get through life. With these characters, she could essentially be whatever she wanted to and do whatever needed doing. One such character was “Cookie” and others soon followed before she grew satisfied with “Nicki Minaj”. According to her, “fantasy was my reality”.

nicki minaj before and after bum surgery

By age 12, Nicki had penned down her first rap song and she soon got admittance into the famous LaGuardia High School Of Music And Art. Her acting career, however, wasn’t a resounding success and she was soon forced to take waitressing jobs, from which she was fired with frightening regularity for insulting and talking back to customers.

So, she dived full-force back into the music scene, this time determined to make it regardless of the cost. At first, she performed back up roles for the local acts, before being fortuitously discovered by Fendi, the CEO of Dirty Money. It was through him that she met Lil Wayne and worked on some mixtapes with him, among which were Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free, and Beam Me Up Scotty, released in 2007, 2008 and 2009 respectively. These mixtapes all showcased to the full Nicki’s class act and awesomely unique flow.

nikki minaj before plastic surgery

By August 2009, Lil Wayne was sufficiently impressed to sign her up to his Young Money label. She wasted little time buffing up her rising rep by collaborating with established stars like Robin Thicke and Maria Carey. Her first single was released in early 2010, with more singles following after. Her debut album dropped that November. It was generally praised by critics and went the triple platinum route at practically the speed of light!

In 2012, she became a judge on American Idol and immediately started feuding with Maria Carey, to the delight of audiences across the globe. This culminated in a scene in which Nicki stormed off the stage, with Carey latter asserting that Nicki had threatened to physically assault her, with this prompting her to boost her security presence.

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That same year, she appeared on the American Super Bowl halftime show, along with the one and only Madonna. This enabled her to reach a national audience measured in the hundreds of millions. Sometime later, her album the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was released. It was a gargantuan hit that had little trouble rocketing to the top of the rap, pop and R&B charts in lots of countries. In the album were phenomenal songs like “Starships,” “Pound The Alarm,” and “Va Va Voom.” Later that same year, she was well able to thrill viewers at the Grammy Awards while performing “Roman Holiday.”

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Her next album was the Pinkprint and it dropped on December 2014. It featured an astoundingly star-studded cast which included the petite Ariana Grande, the ever-fabulous Beyonce and confirmed bad guy Chris Brown. The album quickly went double platinum. More good news was to come in 2016 when she won the Best Female Hip Hop Artist award during the BET Awards for an impressive 7th consecutive time.

does nicki minaj have breast implants

Nicki has also sought to embrace new experiences in the entertainment world. In 2012, she voiced Steffie in Ice Age: Continental Drift. Her onscreen debut was in 2014 opposite the ever-smashing Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman. She has also appeared in Barbershop: The Next Cut and has featured in lots of product endorsements.

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2017 was a major year for her. She featured in a boatload of singles, which were as to be expected massively successful. This resulted in her gaining the record for the most entries in the Billboard Hot 100 that was previously held by the late megastar Aretha Franklin.

nicki minaj boob job

In April 2018 she released “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz.” Later came ‘Rich Sex” with Lil Wayne and “Bed” with Ariana Grande. Her album Queen dropped later that year and debuted at a “disappointing” no 2. This was all it took for her to accuse the no 1 spot holder, Travis Scott of artificially boosting his sales figures so as to make it to the top of the charts. Needless to say, the guy was less than thrilled.

nicki minaj before plastics

At present Nicki Minaj has recorded sales of over 99 million units globally and is rightly regarded as one of the best selling music artists of all time. She has been rewarded with 6 American Music Awards, 4 MTV Music Videos Awards, 11 BET Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards, and 10 Grammy nominations. And yes, that’s a lot!

For her influences, she cites the duo of Jay-Z and Foxy Brown.

Anaconda In Da Booty!

Now, she might be a little petite, but Nicki Minaj’s very colorful costumes and wigs, as well as her brash personality,  are attractive enough to make an angel get love-sick! She’s quite pretty too and tops this off by having big boobs and ass of such juicy quality that the menfolk in lots of places all over the globe are constantly and helplessly drooling over her pictures and videos.

Now, a question that bears asking is whether the Anaconda singer got her endowments from Mother Nature of from the scalpel of a plastic surgeon. Lets, dig into this a little. OK, more than a little! Check out our findings below.

Oh, My Heart And Breasts!

nicki minaj implants

If cancer got as much attention as Nicki Minaj’s boobs, then a cure for it would have long been found by now! Nicki has the sort of full and juicy boobs. But what is disconcerting is that she did not come about these lovely breasties by natural means.

Now, take a look at this old picture of her and see Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery. Yes, she’s posing like Cardi B in the now famous good girl picture, but that’s by the way. Notice that Nicki’s back area is flatter than a blackboard and there are just what appears to be two flat pancakes floating on her chest area?! Now, compare that image to this latter one where she is glowing as if lit from within and check out her breast size.

Yes, it’s big. As in very big. Now, it is possible that Santa got down her chimney on one chilly Christmas night and gifted her a brand new pair of enormous knockers. That explanation, however, does not hold water. Instead, the most reasonable explanation is that Nicki Minaj breast implants are real.

Rumors of Nicki Minaj boob job are nothing new and have dogged her all her career, though she adamantly continues to deny them. Nicki Minaj implants have no doubt helped propel her career at supersonic speed and will continue to do so as long as men and some women are fascinated by pair of Nicki Minaj fake boobs!

Skin To Skin

nicki minaj breast implants

Check out this old photo of Nicki. Her endowments or lack of are not what your gaze should be focusing on, but her skin color. That’s right, Nicki Minaj was darker back in the days, but appears to have gotten much lighter all of a sudden and could even be mistaken for a white lady. That suggests that she made liberal use of lightening creams and the like or other chemical means.

If there are other reasonable explanations for her new skin color, we are ready to hear them.

Bottom Power Rules!

The amount of ink that has been spent praising Nicki Minaj’s backyard area could re-float most battleships of the Great War and for good reason! And she herself has sung enough about the female derriere to corrupt a eunuch beyond imagining!

nicki minaj fake butt

But check out these old photos and then compare them with these latter ones and only one conclusion can be reached, and that is that her booty could not have been acquired by natural means. This same conclusion has been reached by many others over the years who thought a Nicki Minaj ass implant story was worth telling, though few appeared to care, so awed were we all by her sublime booty.

Rumors of a Nicki Minaj fake butt has however long been denied by the artist concerned, though a Nicki Minaj butt job is the only serious explanation for the marvel we see before us moving with a will whenever she starts shaking her backyard like an earthquake! All thanks to Nicky Minaj butt implants!

The Nicki Minaj Tales

All the adjectives in the world could be used to describe the very fabulous Nicki Minaj and they still won’t be enough! This is one seriously talented lady with enough of a drive to send a spaceship to orbit, a mouth that could strip the bark off a tree and a body even angels are normally denied!

Award after award and broken record after broken record show she still has what it takes to stay at the top and make good money doing it. What a standout lady she is!

Now, given that it has been established that Nicki has had work done on her body to make it the irresistible magnet it is, what do you think about it? Good or bad? Or should she be burned at the stake for enhancing her natural endowments? Do let us know. But not right now as we are re-watching the Anaconda music video!

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