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Thing You Need to Know Alexis Ren Plastic Surgery

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Alexis Ren is an American internet celebrity and fitness model. She has over 1.6 million followers on Twitter and 13 million followers on Instagram. In 2018 she has been a  Rookie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and also she was Maxim’s cover girl for the August 2017 and Maxim’s Mexico cover girl for March 2018 issue.

Alexis Ren is Half German and half Russian but was born and raised in California, united states. Cynthia Gaylord her mother was her health nutritionist who sadly passed away in 2014 due to rectal cancer while she was 17-years old. She the third born in a family of five. She was homeschooled and grew up with her three sisters and one younger brother until she graduated.

The social media star became famous due to her beautiful face and hot body supported with a ton of photos she loads on her social media pages (Instagram and Twitter) on a daily or weekly basis. Alexis was born on November 23, 1996, in Santa Monica, California. She was part in the Dancing with the Stars in 2018 competition where they have made it to the semifinals with pro Alan Bersten.

Alexis Ren Biography

Early life

Despite being half German and half Russian, she was born on 23rd of November 1996 and raised in Santa Monica, California, united states. At the age of 13, she modeled for the first time in her life when she was revealed to have modeled for the label Brandy Melville. Before getting the first contract with Nous Model Management Ren freelanced for almost a year until she was fourteen when she was she signed a contract and she immediately booked and advert with the “seventeen” magazine.

alexis ren no makeup

After her model with Brandy Masvile, she then worked with a series of advertisements for the mobile games. She has worked with top modeling management industries such as “Chic Management,” “Nous Model Management” and “Lions NY Management”.  Alexis Ren went a step further into launching her active wear called Ren Active. Ren made her first runaway debut for the “Sahara Ray Swimwear” at Los Angeles in 2014.

alexis ren before and after

Other than her modeling carrier she was also featured in a 2017 comedy film known as “Deported” as her first and only movies she has been part of. After the filming project she became Maxim’s Cover Girl for August 2017, and  in March 2018 she was also Mexico Cover girl. Alexis Ren was later named as a 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie. Recently She was seen campaigning for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

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Alexis was announced in September 2018 as part of the Season 27 Dancing with the Stars contestants where she was assigned Alan Bersten as her dance partner.

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Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten were announced the winners of the 2018 Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) season 27. Not only did they win the Mirrorball trophy but also they did win each other’s feeling after they announced their feelings on TV. So “are they dating?”

Alexis Ren’s Personal Life.

alexis ren breast implants

Alexis had dated Jay Alvarez who Is a model for about two years. Their relationship ended 0n 2016 after a nasty social media fight. The two started dating on 2014 with their love chemistry being hyped all over the social media due to the feeling the two had on each other, despite all that an ugly define the end of their relationship reign.

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Alexis Ren is currently dating a new man that her fans have been graving too much to know who exactly the ne man in Ren’s life is. Ren has tried to keep her new relationship a Secrets even though she posts different shorts she avoids showing her face. Although his new name has not been known by the public he goes by the name “Sky Bear” on Instagram with his bio stating that he is a philanthropist, peak performance specialist, mixed martial artist, yoga practitioner and a business owner as well.

Alexis Net Worth

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Alexis Ren’s Net worth in as per 2018 is estimated to be $3 million with most of her income sourced from modeling career.

Alexis Ren Before and After Plastic Surgery

There are different speculations regarding Alexis getting Surgery, we are going to compare her before and after to prove the authenticity of the speculations. Before that, we all now know that cosmetic body enhancements among Hollywood’s models and stars have become of great importance when it comes to performance in social media.

As without further ado let’s have a look at weather Ren has acquired help from the cosmetic surgeons. We will compare before and after photos to proof if “boob job,” “Implants,” “her Butt,” “lips injections,” and “nose jobs” speculations are real.

Alexis Ren lip injection

alexis ren lip injections

Alexis Ren beauty transformation has been a noticeable thing by her fans. From the above comparison her “after lips” seems twice as plump as compared to her “before lips” of her past photo. This is enough evidence to prove that both her bottom and top lips have been injected with lip fillers. After comparing these two photos, we are able to satisfy Alexis Ren lip injection speculations to be true.

Alexis Ren Nose Job

alexis ren nose job

Did she get a Nose Job? 95% NO, we have tried to compare as many photos as we can, but we have not been able to notice even any minor difference or changes in her nose. In all her photos her Nasal appears to be very consistent, and this is why it is unlikely that she has done a Nose Job. Therefore, Alexis Ren Nose Job is not entirely right due to zero evidence to prove it.

Alexis Ren Boob Job

alexis ren boob job

Has Alexis had a Boob Job? YES, having a comparison between the above two pictures we are able to notice the difference in the size of her boobs easily. Her cleavage is more visible in her after photo while in her before or pictures of her past the cleavage is less visible or noticeable.

Alexis Ren Boob Job speculations are correct. The other thing when we analyse the cleavage is that Alexis chose breast implants over fat grafting procedure. Fat grafting procedure does usually entails fat collection and then transfer into her boobs. This will also verify the Alexis Ren breast implants to be true.

Alexis Ren BUTT Lift

alexis ren butt

alexis ren butt jobWithout any doubt, Alexis Ren Beauty transformations have made her attain a beautiful and hot sexy looking body that most ladies could dream of. The Butt lift speculations cannot be proven easily due to minimal changes that can be acquired through a workout and proper nutrition. It I usually common for these models to have a firm buttock to aid in showcasing the new version wear.

Butt augmentation might have become the common theme in modeling, but not all of the models have undergone this procedure. When we compare the above photos of Ren, we can’t be able to define the difference between her before and after pictures of her butt.


One of the significant advantages of a model or any social media star undergoing plastic surgery is to attain a hot and sexy looking body. Most of the model have to win the fans thus conquering the market for the products they are hired or set to advertise. Plastic surgery gives them a boost in achieving these goals.

Alexis Ren is one of the models that has undergone multiple plastic surgeries which includes lips injections and boob job or breast implants with the aim of impressing her fans and winning more of them. Regardless of how good looking Alexis has become after plastic surgery many still doom the practice of Plastic Surgery. In 2014 Alexis replied to the comments about her getting a boob job with a straightforward tweet “My Boobs Are Real.” It is likely to be true since she started her career when she was still a young teenager with her body still developing.

Ren tried to explain herself by saying that she was in a toxic state of mind and that it affected her diet. She also added that she had overworked herself to state malnourishment that leads into her losing weight after she lost her mother in 2014 while she was still 17 years old.

Although Ren has tried to deny the rumors and support her point people haven’t stopped criticizing her for her body changes.

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