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The reality behind the Marie Osmond Boob Job

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Celebrities are normally assumed to have easy lives, with most being essentially paid to do nothing but live off the fat of the land and tell us all what they think of this and that. One celebrity that regularly pops up in public consciousness or the electronic media is the sinfully sexy and very talented Marie Osmond- she of the wavy locks who shamelessly set many a male pulse rocketing up like a spaceship during her countless TV appearances over the years!

As a member of a famous American family, she has essentially lived the greater majority of her life right in the public eye and is no worse for it. This entertainment diva is surprisingly more than just a pretty face and a tender bottom. She is in fact charmingly multi-talented and a successful dancer, actress, musician, talk show host, philanthropist and just about anything else that is great and remarkable you can think of!

Her appearance on Dancing With The Stars helped expose this beauty to a more diverse audience and is credited with adding lots of gutsy wind to her sails. While she is currently about to hit the big 60, she’s still as delectable as ever, courtesy of some clever nips and tucks that firmly put her in the MILF rather than the GILF category! But don’t tell her that we said that!

Marie Osmond Gets Started

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Marie Osmond just like any of us came into this planet as a wriggly, wrinkly, wet and gurgling ball on October 13, 1959. Her birthplace was in Utah, USA and her given birth name were Olive Marie Osmond. The Olive was dropped later on, perhaps to avoid anyone mistaking her for a culinary flavour enhancer of the sort that folks in the Mediterranean guzzle by the gallon!

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Her birth parents were George Osmond and Olive Osmond. With both being well known in their own right.

She has been married 3 times, to Steve Craig, Brain Blosil and again to Steve Craig. Being a lover of kids, Marie Osmond over the years adopted a passel of them and also has natural kids of her own.

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In the year 1978, which was when she was a delectable starlet with startling eyes and a body you could lick up just like sticky candy, Marie Osmond refused a starring role in the slick hit Grease. This was because it conflicted with her strict moral -and Mormon- upbringing.

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In the latter months of 1999, after giving birth to her 7th child, she experienced severe postpartum depression. This was apparently so serious that she nearly abandoned her baby, convinced that she was no good as a mother or in any other role. Thankfully, her husband acted fast to remedy the situation and was successful in convincing her of her worth and need to return to her family for the sake of all that she held dear.

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Apart from being one of the more recognizable celebrities around, Marie Osmond is also a mean business woman! Her very iconic “Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain Collector Dolls” line was launched in 1991 at both Disney theme parks and on QVC. It soon became the highest selling doll at QVC, has stubbornly held on to that position and over the years has been nominated for a wide variety of awards.

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In the year 1993, Marie Osmond started crafting her own dolls, with her doggedness and hard work being properly rewarded at the 1997 International Toy Fair where she received a trio of award nominations. In 1998, a hallmark was reached when her 1,000,000th doll was sold off on QVC.

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Not as many performers are as fortunate as Marie Osmond, whose debut single Paper Roses climbed atop a couple of Billboard charts. This feat undoubtedly served to make her the global superstar she turned out to be and showed off her worth to anyone listening. A couple of Grammy nominations, lots of chart-topping albums and singles released over the years and no less than a trio of best-selling books have all cemented her rep as a celebrity of some serious talents.

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Marie Osmond is also a noted philanthropist who works as hard as possible on a number of praiseworthy causes. She is the host/co-founder of the Children’s Miracle Network, along with John Schneider. The Children’s Miracle Network is a project of the Osmond Foundation and since 1983 has raised over $5 billion, with all of this money benefiting millions of kids and used for research, medical treatment and assistance at children’s hospitals both in the US and Canada. In recognition of her philanthropic work on children’s causes, the Country Music Foundation has presented her with the prized Roy Acuff award.

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Marie Osmond is a childhood friend of such a beautiful soul as Shawn Ora Engemann. She is also the spokesperson for such august bodies as the American Heart Association. Incidentally, she lost her parents and a grandmother to heart disease.

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She suffered a very intense personal tragedy on February 26, 2010, when her son Michael Blosil jumped to his death in Los Angeles. On April 2009, she revealed the fact that her oldest daughter Jessica had been in a same-sex relationship for the past three years. Jessica later announced her engagement to her loving partner.

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Marie Osmond has Danish, Scottish, English, Northern Irish, Dutch, Welsh and German-Swiss ancestry.

Marie Osmond Gets All-Perfect!

Tales of Marie Osmond cosmetic surgery are about as widespread as the wind! Just like most other celebs out there willing to expend a lot of effort and funds in order to look all-fab for the Gram and countless photo shoots, Marie Osmond appears to have gone through some extensive plastic surgery. These are all aimed at making her as perfect as can be and delaying the intolerable effects of age, gravity and hormones.

Due to her ever-changing mug and incredibly doll-like appearance, Marie Osmond has long been accused of having had work done on her face. She has however been relatively tight-lipped on this and other related issues.

But a detailed examination of the appearance of her face and body over the years throws some light on a subject she is not all that eager to elaborate on.

Breasting It!

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During a TV appearance in 2013, she admitted having had breast reduction surgery. This is borne out with evidence, as old photos showed that she had mammaries the size of watermelons when she was much younger, with these inexplicably reducing in bulk in her later life. Apparently, Marie Osmond boobs were drawing too many leers and other unwanted attention, to the point that she felt that people respected and paid more attention to her mammaries, rather than her herself.

Formerly, Marie Osmond bra size was E, with these heavies causing her some considerable back pain. She intended to be known for something other than an actress with massive jugs, a killer smile and a dreadfully aching back, which is why her original boobs had to go! The Marie Osmond boob job is however not typical of most other celebrities, who usually desire a massive increase, rather than a decrease in their breast sizes.

Incidentally, the above information makes rumours of Marie Osmond breast implants appear totally ludicrous.

Face Matters!

Big and juicy boob matters apart, Marie Osmond is rumoured to have undergone injections of Botox and other similar agents into her face in order to firm it up, with others suggesting that she has had a facelift. Before and after photos show her having an unnaturally smooth face that could get her mistaken for a lady in her 30s. She herself attributes the remarkable youthfulness of her face to lasers, facials and very liberal applications of sunscreen.

Nevertheless, knowledgeable experts are of the opinion that judging from the classic “trout pout” look of her lips the chances are quite good that it has had copious injections of javiderm. Marie Osmond’s brows are as well arched in what appears to be an excessive manner, which is not due to fervent prayers to the Holy Virgin but apparently from Botox injections.

As the skin of her lower eyelids is surprisingly wrinkle-free and smoother than silk, those in the know attribute this to a lower eyelid lift.

Nose Art

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By all appearances, Marie Osmond currently has a nose that totally does not look like the one she grew up with. This points to only one possible conclusion- a Marie Osmond nose job.

Her nose was previously far rounder than it is now, with the bridge not as narrow. Her nasal tip also appears to have been widened. With all these, the only reasonable explanation is that she underwent some form of rhinoplasty to give her a pointy beak of sweet proportions!

Most people who are knowledgeable in such matters suggest that she underwent a weir excision and a possible reduction rhino surgery to shape her nose into the art form it is today.

Gumming Up!

marie osmond breastMore photo comparisons pinpoint changes to her upper teeth and gum. Previously, when she smiled or laughed, her teeth had a strong likeness to fangs, with both her gum and upper teeth being prominently displayed for detailed inspection!

This is however no longer true, which is an indication that a well-paid dentist performed gum contouring surgery on her. The results of this are quite remarkable and testify to the skills of the dentist concerned.

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Lippy Tummy Tucking!

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In the year 2007, Marie Osmond put in an appearance on the hit show Dancing With The Stars. Her appearance there could only be described as astoundingly amazing. This was because in the years prior to this, she had put in public appearances that showed her looking each and every one of her age. She was also bloated up, had a pot belly and jowls you could fry fries on!

She, however, stunned most of the world by appearing on the show while skinny and sexy as all get out and with the trim legs, body, and booty of a girl half her age. This immediately led to rumours that she had undergone liposuction to suck out the fat, as well as a tummy tuck.

Marie Osmond liposuction stories were however hotly denied by the star herself, who claimed she had simply been exercising and otherwise taking proper care of her health in order to look so fabulous.


Marie Osmond is a remarkable woman by any measure, as well as an incredibly successful and talented one. She has had her fair share of controversy but has fought this and emerged triumphant.

So, what is your opinion on her varied proven and alleged cosmetic surgeries? Are they right and proper or should she have let herself naturally age with grace? Do let us know what you think.

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