The Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery Case

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Now, for those of you who might have been living under a rock -a mighty big one at that- somewhere in the middle of the Sahara Desert, Meghan Markle is a former actress and one rather pretty babe. She happens to be in possession of one of the longest and beautiful legs in the business. She primarily came to the notice of TV viewers by appearing in the drama-packed TV show, Suits. She stayed for seven seasons of the show, delighting folks with her sexy beauty, bewitching smile and adroit interpretation of her role. However, rumors of Meghan Markle plastic surgery being responsible for her success were rife during her career.

Unfortunately, she had to quit the acting scene at the height of her fame, due to the fact that Britain’s Prince Harry took a liking to her brains and beauty and determinedly swept her off her feet. They got married quick enough and now the lady is known as the Duchess of Sussex, though she will no doubt have lots more titles and honorifics added to her name in no time at all.

So, who exactly is Meghan Markle and how did she enter the history books in such a royal fashion? Well, here’s her bio. Read it and know all!

The Meghan Markle Story

Rachel Meghan Markle came into this planet on August 4, 1981. Her birthplace was California and her parents were Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle Sr. At six years of age, her parents divorced. Markle has a couple of older paternal half-siblings, Thomas Markle Jr. And Samantha Markle, though she is reportedly not on good terms with the former and barely gets along with the latter.

Markle is of mixed race descent and has often publicly talked about the challenges this presents to her and her career. She spent her childhood and teens in Hollywood and at age 11 campaigned successfully for Procter & Gamble to tweak an ad she viewed as being sexist. She schooled in private Catholic schools and later on obtained a degree from Northwestern University, with her major being in the theatre and international studies.

For a time, before she got regular acting gigs, Meghan Markle made ends meet by working as a freelance calligrapher. Her first onscreen role was a bit part as a nurse in a single episode of a daytime opera show called General Hospital. She had small roles on such shows as Century City (2004), War at Home (2006) and CSI: NY (2006). Apart from this, she also did some contract modeling and acting work, even appearing as a “briefcase girl” in where else but Deal or No Deal.

On the TV show Fringe, she played a junior agent during its initial two seasons. 2010 saw her featured in Get Him To The Greek and Remember Me, and in 2011 she starred in Horrible Bosses. She was also featured in episodes of such shows as Cuts, Love, Inc, Knight Rider, 90210, The League, Castle, and Without A Trace.

July 2011 saw Markle being given what was essentially a new lease of life, as she was offered a massive platform to showcase her skills to the globe. This was on the show, Suits in which she started off as Rachel Zane, a paralegal, before becoming a very effective attorney. Her role in Suits is what she is mostly remembered for and for good reason.

In the year 2014, Meghan Markle brought into being a lifestyle website, The Tig. There, she discoursed on food, beauty, travel, and fashion and also profiled the most inspirational women on the globe. The website proved to be quite successful and to handle its expansion, Markle hired people more knowledgeable than her on some subjects. This included make-up, dieting, yoga, and fitness experts.

Apart from The Tig, Markle spread her message on a variety of social media platforms and was estimated to have regularly made around $80,000 yearly as a lifestyle blogger through sponsorships and endorsements. In April 2017, Markle shut off The Tig and in January 2018 erased her social media accounts, with this being required for all royal personages.

In the personal sphere, Markle once dated Trevor Engelson, an actor, and producer. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and divorced in August 2013. She rebounded from this by dating Cory Vitiello, the noted celebrity chef. This lasted roughly a couple of years.

Sometime after this, a friend of hers set up a blind date between Markle and Prince Harry, who happens to be fifth in line to the British throne. The two began dating in mid-2016, showed up in public for the first time in September 2017 and announced their engagement on November 27, 2017.

The announcement though expected triggered a total storm on the social media scene and attracted all the attention -some positive, others negative- in the world. In preparation for her entrance into the royal family, Markle decided to retire from acting and kicked off the process of acquiring British citizenship. The couple got married on May 19, 2018, at the famous St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. As of now, they are expecting their first child.

Markle is notable for her strong fashion sense. She is as well a vocal feminist who consistently speaks up and gathers attention on issues that affect women.

Meg And The Knife!

For the record, Meghan Markle has never come out to say that she has had cosmetic surgical procedures of any sort performed on her body beautiful. In any case, most folks actually didn’t care a fig or two about this pretty young lady, till she started dating Prince Harry. Their relationship and subsequent marriage triggered a real media meltdown and focused attention on all aspects of her life. It was around this time that Meghan Markle plastic surgery rumors started gaining precedence.

Here, we will present evidence that shows that Markle is indeed not an all-natural beauty.

Royally Nosy!

Well, compared to other high-class ladies, Meghan Markle sure does have one hell of a schnozzola! This appendage is more than a little on the big side, which is why we wouldn’t blame her if she decided to get it royally trimmed. Apparently, this is what exactly happened. Compare the following Meghan Markle before and after photos. The one on the right is dated, with the one on the left being more recent. The image on the right is from when Markle announced her royal engagement and a deep look at her nose reveals some changes. These are subtle enough to be missed by the non-expert and involve the narrowing of the nose bridge and the turning up of the nose tip. However, the noted changes might be due to expert makeup application, but that is very unlikely, with a Meghan Markle nose job being more highly probable.

The Breast Of The Matter!

When she was first starting out, the future Duchess of Sussex was required to wear rather revealing clothes for gigs like Deal or no Deal. Such clothes include push-up bras that accentuated her breasts. Rumor has it that shortly after the lady decided to get a Meghan Markle boob job so as to enhance her chances of success in the industry. If you are asking if a Meghan Markle breast implants actually happened, do take a look at Meghan Markle boobs in these before and after pictures. The one on the left is older, while the latter is much more recent. As can be seen, Meghan Markle boobs are most definitely bigger and fuller in the image on the right, which indicates that a Meghan Markle boob job did take place sometime during her career. Or it could be that she just decided to stuff something into her bra!

The Fat Leg Of Things

Some are of the opinion that Meghan Markle had liposuction performed on her legs. While Markle has always been slim and in possession of thin and long legs, a comparison of her old and recent images reveal that her legs were a little fatter back then. Here’s an old photo of hers on the left, with Buckingham Palace in the background. On the right is a much more recent image of her dressed to the nines and with her glorious legs on full display. As can be seen, these legs are very much thinner. This might indicate that she had a liposuction procedure performed on them at one time or the other, but we are not as of yet prepared to swear to that.

Toothy Fame

Meghan Markle really has a nice smile. This could be regarded as capable of melting down the lead and is part of why she is so loved globally. However, back when she was a young lass, Meghan Markle had teeth that were filled with gaps quite big enough! Here’s an image of her at the time in which she’s flashing her famous million-watt smile while looking too young for words. Now, here’s another image, a very recent one and in these, the gaps have been magically eliminated. According to our sources, once she entered the world of show business, Markle employed either braces or veneers to get rid of the gaps in her teeth. The result is sinfully easy on the eyes.

Royally Meghan Now And Forever More!

Meghan Markle or the Duchess of Sussex is a slim, sexy, stylish lady who currently seems to be living a fairytale life by hobnobbing with the high and mighty and calling members of royalty by their first names! She has had one hell of a career and has chosen to sacrifice this on the altar of love and convention. Good on her! So, what are your thoughts as to Meghan Markle Plastic surgery? Are Meghan Markle breast implants real? Is she one hot lass or what? And oh, what other plastic surgery do you think she should go for, on the sly? Do let us know in the comment section below and we will consider asking the queen to knight you!

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