The Fascinating Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Tale

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A long but not too long while ago, practically no one had ever heard of a foxy blonde called Jennifer Aniston. And then NBC decided to cast her in its sitcom, Friends, and her career basically exploded, as did Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumors!

From Friends, she starred in some of the biggest blockbusters around, was and still is one of the highest paid female stars in the industry and ended up being married to one of Hollywood’s biggest and most handsome leading men- Brad Pitt. Sure, the marriage failed to work out in the long term, but it was fun while it lasted, at least according to the couple concerned.

Currently, Jennifer Aniston is worth something north of $200 million, is a co-founder of a movie-making company and a businesswoman of no mean repute. Not to mention the recipient of what has to be a shipload of awards and such heady recognition as her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Here’s a short bio of this sweetly talented lady.

Jennifer Aniston- Blonde And Totally Delish!

Jennifer Joana Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, in Los Angeles. Her parents were John Aniston and Nancy Dow, both of whom were actors, though they were not particularly successful at it. Jennifer has two half-brothers, one from each parent and is of Italian, Irish, English, Scottish and Greek ancestry.

jennifer aniston before and after nose job

When little Jennifer was nine, her parents called it quits and split up. By 11 she had become very interested in acting and enrolled at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, which is in Manhattan.

jennifer aniston plastic surgery pictures

After school, Aniston played bit parts in movies and on stage, while paying the bills by working as a marketer, telemarketer, and even a bike messenger. In 1990, she appeared on Malloy, in her very first regular TV role, as well as in Ferris Bueller. Neither series lasted long. Other TV roles followed, with her performance being either critically panned or the series being quickly canceled.

jennifer aniston breast

With a succession of unsuccessful TV shows under her belt, Aniston was less than pleased. Depressed as sin, she was lucky to encounter a fella by the name of Warren Littlefield at a gas station somewhere in Los Angeles. She seized this opportunity to pour out her heart to the guy, who happened to be the head honcho at NBC Entertainment. He gave her all the encouragement she needed, and soon after helped her obtain a role in the sitcom, Friends.

did jennifer aniston have a nose job

She was cast as Rachel Green and played the role from 1994 to 2004. For some reason, audiences all over the globe went gaga over the show, with its stars quickly becoming famous and successful. The character of Rachel Green was especially singled out for recognition and touted as one of the greatest female characters to ever make it to American TV.

has jennifer aniston had plastic surgery

For her sublime interpretation of her role, Jennifer Aniston got a total of 5 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and won once in the Lead Actress category. She also got a couple of Golden Globe nominations, winning it in 2003 in the Best Actress- Television Series Musical or Comedy category.

In 1996, Aniston was featured in She’s the One, a romantic comedy that was her first film role in around 4 years. The next year, she was given a starring role in Picture Perfect, where she played an advertising executive who fate seems to be conspiring against. The movie was moderately successful at the box office, with Aniston’s performance earning her some measured praise.

jennifer aniston breast

In 1998, she starred opposite Paul Rudd in The Object of My Affection, which was about a straight lady falling for a gay man. The next year, she starred in Office Space, which soon became a cult classic. In 2002, The Good Girl saw a limited release and is widely seen as her breakthrough role.

did jennifer aniston get a nose job

In the year 2003, she played the girlfriend of a guy who is made God for a week. That guy was, of course, Jim Carrey and the movie was Bruce Almighty. Global receipts for this film totaled $484 million, making it Aniston’s most commercially successful film to date. Her next movie role was Along Came Dolly opposite who else but Ben Stiller. This movie scooped up $172 million globally and was a huge hit.

In 2005, she starred in Derailed, a thriller that is about her character having an affair and in Rumor Has It, a romantic comedy in which she was featured as a woman who worked at penning wedding and obituary announcements. A role in Friends With Money came in 2006, though this saw a limited release.

jennifer aniston before after

The Break Up (2006) was her next movie and saw her featured opposite eternal prankster Vince Vaughn in the role of a couple undergoing a divorce that’s complicated by trivialities. This movie grossed around $204 million worldwide and was generally praised by critics.

Her directorial debut came in 2006 when she directed Room 10, a short clip with a setting in the emergency room of a hospital. Marley & Me (2005) starring Owen Wilson and Aniston was one of the most successful films ever, had a number 1 placement at the box office and stuck to it for 2 whole weeks while earning nearly $243 million worldwide.

jennifer aniston before and after nose job

The romantic comedy He’s Not Just That Into You (2009) was her next movie, had her starring opposite Ben Affleck and earned almost $179 million globally. The Bounty Hunter (2010) followed and made a nice bundle at the box office, though critics savaged it. Her next movie, The Switch (2010) was something of a disappointment, both at the box office and for critics.

jennifer aniston face lift

For 2011, she starred next to Adam Sandler in Just Go With It and Horrible Bosses. Both movies were very successful. In 2012, she appeared in Wanderlust, which while being well received by critics failed to resonate with the audience and was a box office flop. Better news was to come in We’re The Millers (2013) in which Aniston plays the role of a stripper who does an unwise impersonation, for a drug deal no less. This movie had a worldwide gross of $269 million, which was many times its budget.

jennifer aniston plastic surgery pictures

Other roles followed, with perhaps the notable one being Cake (2014) where she put in what was acclaimed as an Oscar-worthy performance and was nominated for an impressive array of awards.

Away from the acting scene, Jennifer Aniston has also been active on other fronts. In 2002, she helped found Plan B Entertainment, along with Brad Pitt and Brad Grey, the head honcho at Paramount Pictures. However, in 2005, she and Grey were to pull out of the company. In 2008, she formed Echo Films, in association with Kristin Hahn, a producer.

jennifer aniston breast implants

Jennifer Aniston is a noted philanthropist and an advocate for many notable causes. She began dating Tate Donovan in 1995 and ended the relationship in 1998. That same year she met Brad Pitt and the two immediately hit it off. They got married in mid-2000 and divorced in early 2005. Needless to say, the wedding and divorce aroused some pretty intense media attention and speculation.

In May 2011, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux began seeing, as our grandparents would put it! They got engaged in 2012, married on August 5, 2015, and separated in late 2017.

The Real Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Story

For sure, Jennifer Aniston has long been one of the most beautiful women around and many a guy would be prepared to fight a lion barehanded, just for the chance of going on a date with this blond bombshell! Given her constant presence on the acting scene, it would be normal to expect her face and body to have long started showing its age, but that does not seem to be happening. She instead looks fresher than ever and hotter than most teenage starlets with budding breasts!

This state of affairs has resulted in lots of rumors to the effect that Jennifer Aniston owes her continued success and beauty to constant trips to the operating rooms of plastic surgeons. So, we went digging and found plenty of stuff and what has to be Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery pictures that she would no doubt like to keep hidden. Here they are:

Oh, Noble Nose

jennifer aniston botox

A Jennifer Aniston nose job seems all but certain. Check out these two pictures of ours. In the one on the left, the much younger Aniston retains her original and very much cute nose, has some baby fat and looks rather pretty. In the image to the right, an older Aniston has her nasal bridge thinned and the nose tip is much more prominent than before. The changes mentioned are simply too drastic not to have been due to some minor or major Jennifer Aniston surgery procedures. We could be wrong, but that is as likely as hell freezing over and the inmates being issued with skates! So the Jennifer Aniston nose job seems quite real.

Breastful Matters

jennifer aniston boob job

A Jennifer Aniston boob job makes up the bulk of Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumors floating around about this star. After some detailed examination of evidence, there does appear to be much truth to these rumors. Have a look at the following couple of images. At the right is the famous blond lady and on her chest are the pair of boobies she is typically known for- small and flat. At the right, however, is a more recent image that shows that these same boobs appear to have gotten a makeover. That is, they are now bigger, firmer and much more attractive. We don’t hold with Jennifer Aniston breast implants stories, instead, she appears to have gotten a breast augmentation procedure of some sort that wrought the breastful miracle you see displayed on her chest!

Chin Up

jennifer aniston nose job

When she was younger, Jennifer Aniston had a big chin of the sort one normally sees on quarterbacks. Later on, however, as soon as she hit the big time, this chin kind of slimmed down and became kind of dainty. From this, one can deduce that she had a chin reduction surgery a while back, as these two Jennifer Aniston before and after pictures show.

The Botox Queen!

jennifer aniston surgery

Have a good look at this image. Then carefully compare it to the one on the right. In the image on the left, Jennifer Aniston looks as pretty as ever, but her face is decorated with some wrinkles and fine lines. In the other picture which is taken, later on, those same characteristics of age are entirely gone, and her cheeks even look puffy. Due to this, we think there’s a good chance Jennifer Aniston Botox or Xeomin injections are real, so as to erase the lines on her face and get it looking more youthful.

Face Power

jennifer aniston plastic surgery

Here are a couple of images showing the face of Jennifer Aniston in all its glory. Yeah, she does look powerfully purty! In both images, her face is plump, but in the image to the right, the skin appears to be pulled together much more tightly. This points to a Jennifer Aniston surgery, specifically a facelift surgery and perhaps a brow lift, so as to tighten up her mug as much as possible.

Jennifer Aniston Keeps It Real!

Jennifer Aniston is a sublime comedic genius and an excellent all-around actress who has few direct competitors. She is rich, famous, has seen and done it all and has little left to prove. She is a standout in more ways than one and a model humanitarian with a heart of gold.

So, what are your thoughts about Jennifer Aniston botox and her varied plastic surgeries? Let us know soon as you can, so we can send her a tape of it!

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