The Blake Lively Plastic Surgery and Boob Job Details

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Blake Lively is an American actress of fair renown who has been praised from one country to the other for her stunning blond looks and natural acting ability. This slim and sexy MILF is at present married to Ryan Reynolds and has had a couple of kids with that former ladies’ man.

Blake Lively began acting almost by chance, though she does come from a family in which nearly every member was in show business. She has been reasonably successful in her field so far, though her name might not ring a lot of bells.

Blake Lively holds Martha Stewart in high esteem and both love to eat and cook. At present, her acting career has been put on hold and she works as a celebrity homemaker of sorts.

Here’s a short bio of her. Read up and catch up with this lively blonde with sterling culinary skills!

Blake Lively Starts Off

Blake Lively’s birth name was Blake Ellender Brown. She was born on August 25, 1987, in California. Her mother Elaine was a talent scout, while her father Ernie Lively was a fairly successful actor. Lively has a pair of half sisters, a half brother, and an older brother, all of whom, as well as her parents, have long been in the entertainment industry.

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As a child, Blake Lively attended acting classes with her parents. This was due to the fact that they did not wish to make use of a baby sitter and so brought her along with them when going to classes. It was at these classes that the young Lively learned most of what there was to know about acting and the acting industry.

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Her first film role was in the 1998 movie Sandman, which was directed by her father. Hers was a bit part and though she performed well the acting bug had yet to bite. Lively was as of that time, not all that interested in pursuing an acting career and instead intended going to college.

However, her brother Eric who was a talent scout kept pestering her to audition for one role or the other. Soon, she was forced to give in, with one audition getting her the role of Bridget in the movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Her performance got her a nomination at the Teen Choice Award.

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In 2006, Lively appeared in Accepted, which was widely panned by critics. She also had a bit part in Simon Says, a horror movie. Her potent performance in Simon Says earned her a “Breakthrough Award” from no less than Hollywood Life.

2007 saw her play what had to be her biggest and most delicate role so far, as a bulimic girl in Elvis and Annabelle. For this role, Lively had to shed some serious weight and drastically cut back on food, which presented lots of problems because she was a foodie of no mean measure! Most critics praised her performance in this role, with some considering it as marking her breakout in the industry.

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In 2007 came her lead role in Gossip Girl. This premiered in September 2007 and saw Lively playing the role of Serena van der Woodsen. This teen drama ran till 2012 and is still sorely missed by most red-blooded males!

In November 2007, Lively appeared on the cover of Cosmo Girl, where she held forth on varied issues. A sequel to the original Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants was shot next year, with Lively again playing the role of Bridget. Just like in the first movie, Lively delivered a performance that was widely praised. The film also did very well at the box office.

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In 2009 came a lead role in the romantic comedy New York, I Love You. Despite the fact that it was mightily praised by critics it was a box office bomb. That same year, Lively appeared in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Her performance was described as “sensational”.

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2010 saw her star in The Town, which was an adaptation of a novel by Chuck Hogan titled Prince of Thieves. December of that same year had her playing the role of Carol Ferris in Green Lantern. The movie saw a worldwide release in June 2011 and soon grossed a frightening $219,851,172. Her importance and abilities were soon recognized by no less than Time magazine, which put her in their annual list of 100 influential people. The folks at named her their most desirable woman of 2011, with People magazine naming her one of 2012’s Most Beautiful at Every Age, which is no mean feat.

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In 2012, Lively got a lead role in Savages, an Oliver Stone movie. This starred the likes of Salma Hayek, John Travolta, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson, and earned Lively some praise for her astute performance.

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In 2015, she appeared in The Age of Adaline, which was modestly successful. In 2016, she starred in The Shallows, a survival horror movie, with 2018 seeing her featured in A Simple Favor, alongside the likes of Henry Golding and Anna Kendrick.

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Lively is currently married to actor Ryan Reynolds. Both met during the filming of Green Lantern, immediately hit it off and got hitched in September 2012. The marriage is blessed with two daughters, with tons more possibly being on the way!

How True Are Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Like most other folks in the entertainment industry, Blake Lively has had more than her fair share of rumors, suggestions, and innuendos that she underwent some nipping and tucking. Whether this is true or false is something we intend to clear up right now. So buckle up so we can properly get this show underway!

Nosing into Power

blake lively nose job

Is Blake Lively nose job real? That’s one question that a lot of folks have been asking over the years. After careful examination of the evidence, we are inclined to say that, yes, Blake Lively nose job is a reality. To prove this, take a look at this picture. Examine the nature and shape of her schnozzola. Then lookit this here picture on the right. It can be easily noticed that her nose is smaller than in the first picture. As her nose is not a shrink wrap or a sweater that was left overnight in the washer, the only possible reason for this shrinkage is an extensive nose job.

In Blake Lively Boobs We Pray!

blake lively boob job

Throughout her life, Blake Lively has had to face people who think she had a boob job that aided her acting career in no small way. However, considering the evidence we have at hand, a Blake Lively boob job appears unlikely. Now, here’s a picture of Blake Lively Tits, and here are a couple more pictures. The one on the far right is from when she was pregnant and it shows what appears to be an increase in her breast size. Now, implants can’t do that. Notice how the cleavage is all smooth and plunges naturally? All these show that Blake Lively tits are as real as sin.

Teething Action!

blake lively teeth

Have a good look at this picture on the right. Cute isn’t it? Well, that is Blake Lively from back when she was in high school. Notice that her teeth are about as jagged as those of an alligator and look like they were pasted in her mouth by a blind man? Well, these jagged teeth have magically disappeared in the picture on the right. From this, we can rightly infer that Blake Lively must have made some dentist richer by a few thousand dollars!

Going Lively Looks Like Fun!

Let’s recap, folks. Now, Blake Lively is married to the sinfully cute and attractive fella that is Burt Reynolds, has a couple of kids, lots of celebrity friends and a ton and half of moolah sitting pretty in a bank vault! She is also an excellent actress and happens to be able to cook so well that the smell of her food alone could melt down the brain matter and force folks to drown in their own drool! So, yea, this gal surely rocks.

So, what are your thoughts as to Blake Lively plastic surgery? Is her body still as banging as sin and does she look like the hottest MILF around? Do you like Blake Lively Boobs? Do let us know and we promise not to tell her husband, who might go savage and beat on us all!

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