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Mindy Kaling Face: Reason behind the prettiness

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All hail Mindy Kaling! She of the twinkling eyes, great body and sense of humour so creative and biting that even a corpse would be forced to react! Since her achieving big-time fame in the seminal 2005 hit, The Office, which she incidentally acted in, directed and helped produce, Mindy has been more than a little busy doing things you and yours can only marvel at! She is regularly either being nominated for or winning awards like it’s going out of style! With the multiple-award-winning TV show, The Mindy Project, dear Mindy became the first ever woman of colour to both star and produce her own show. And what a fabulously original and awesomely liberating show it was!

Silver screen matters apart, this multi-talented lady is also a mean bestselling author who writes like she was born with a pen in hand and a rib tickler in the other! She is now a single mother, but that does not appear to have slowed her down in the least! And no, she is still not prepared to announce who the father of her baby is. Perhaps, it was an Immaculate Conception and the Vatican should be speedily notified!

Mindy Kaling is quite active on the social media scene, especially on Instagram and Twitter. And lest we forgot, she has long had a well-publicized affair with fast food, as her well filled-out body gleefully shows!

Read on for a more detailed bio that details most aspects of her life in exacting detail!

Mindy Kaling – A Woman Of Many Parts, And Flavors!

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Vera Mindy Chokalingam was born on June 24, 1979, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Her parents were Indian immigrants engaged in the medical profession, who met in a Nigerian hospital. They moved to the US in the year Mindy was born. Mindy has a brother Vijay Chokalingam who is her sole sibling and with whom she is not on good terms. She later shortened her name to Kaling because most MCs of the period were unable to pronounce Chokalingam without biting their tongues into quarters!

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Like most kids, Mindy was spent most of her early years staring at the TV and was enraptured with the TV shows of the era. She had a particular fondness for Saturday Night Live and comedies like In Living Color. She majored in theatre at Dartmouth College and graduated in 2001. While there, she joined an all-female a cappela music group that was creatively called the Rockapellas and an improv troupe that was rumoured to have caused more than a few ribs to crack from excessive laughter! Kaling was also the graphical artist for the popular campus comic Badly Drawn Girl.

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After graduation, she was lucky to share a Brooklyn apartment with one of her college friends called Brenda Withers. Both witty folks soon moulded what had formerly been a running joke into a goofy satire called Matt & Ben, which was how Matt Damon and Ben Affleck supposedly wrote the script for the smash hit, Good Will Hunting. During the 2002 New York International Fringe Festival, this play amazingly scooped up an award for the best overall production and was instrumental in getting Mindy noticed in a big way, especially during its two-year Off-Broadway run.

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The success of Matt & Ben convinced producer cum writer Greg Daniels to hire Kaling in 2004 for an Americanized variant of The Office. Apart from helping write the script, Kaling also acted the part of Kelly Kapoor, stayed on the show for the entirety of its run and was from 2008 made the executive producer.

Later on, Kaling developed the stunningly original TV show, The Mindy Project. The plot was about an obstetrician-gynaecologist -loosely based on Kaling’s own mother- called Mindy Lahiri who was obsessively searching for a partner to live happily ever after with. The Mindy character was portrayed as often foolish, impulsive and subject to frequent romantic delusions that rarely ended well for her. And oh, she was totally gaga for all sorts of very expensive designer clothing, could shop till she dropped, was often louder than a brass band and supported Trump.

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The show premiere was in 2012 and it became speedily famous for the ever-witty dialogue of the characters, as well as its incredibly original take on pop culture. Kaling starred on, wrote and produced the show, which began streaming on Hulu from its fourth season. The series however ended in the year 2017.

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Kaling has also made appearances in such firm fan favourites as The 40-Year Old Virgin (2005), License To Wed, (2007), and Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian (2009). She has also performed voice-overs for such animated movies as Despicable Me (2010), Wreck-It Ralph (2012), and  Inside Out (2015).

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Her latest appearance has been in Champions, where she is both the director and producer and a Wrinkle In Time, where she took on the role of Mrs Who. She had a lead role in Ocean’s 8, which has an all-female cast and is based in large measure on the Ocean’s Eleven hits of the previous years.

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Amazing all and sundry on the silver screen is however not all that Kaling is good for. She is also a New York Times best-selling novelist in her own right, with two books- Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) 2011, as well as Why Not Me? (2015) to her name.

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Mindy Kaling Face – Fabulous To The Bone!

By most accounts, Mindy Kaling is a rather hot lady. She has a rather nice backyard, a sweet front porch you lay your aching head on and a face it’s near impossible to forget. There are however rumours floating around that her good looks are not all due to genes or makeup.

A view of some Mindy Kaling before and after pictures just might make things clear as a bell. Here they are:

Did Mindy Kaling Get Skin Bleaching?

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Light It Up- back when she was first starting out, Mindy Kaling was rather dark, as these photos show. However, of recent her skin tone has started getting very light, to the point that she can almost be mistaken for a Caucasian. Now, her new look might be due to a miracle, photoshop effects or plain old Indian magic, but most are of the opinion that she is making good use of skin lightening products.

Did Mindy Have A Nose Job?

mindy kaling nose job

Nose It, Champ!- previously, Mindy Kaling had a schnozzola that could practically be seen from space! Her present nose maintains most of its original shape, but there are subtle differences that the actress herself attributes to the skilful use of makeup. That might be true. Though there is a possibility that a Mindy Kaling nose surgery by a very skilled plastic surgeon happened a while ago. Check out these before and after pictures and see for yourself.

Did She Get Lip Injections?

mindy kaling lip injections

Lips Unlimited!- an examination of Mindy Kaling’s face, or more precisely Mindy Kaling lips might well reveal some changes. These changes are however subtle enough that only the eagle-eyed can catch it. It has to do with the fact that her lips lately appear to be slightly fuller than they should. This might be attributed to the clever use of cosmetics, or to Mindy Kaling lip injections.

Has She Had Botox & Face Lift?

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Brow-beating It Is!- during the Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling started appearing with a face so smooth as to arouse suspicion that she had made it perfect with botox injections. Soon after the Mindy Kaling Botox story made the rounds, some inferred that she had also had both a facelift and a brow lift. The truth of these or otherwise can be judged from these pictures

What About Her Teeth?

Teething Issues – apart from Mindy Kaling’s’ lips and boobs, her teeth and the gap within have attracted lots of stares and frank admiration. While there are no apparently perceptive changes to her teeth, it is possible that she underwent some teeth whitening procedures to make her dazzling smile more so than usual. Check out the pictures below and see for yourself.

mindy kaling teeth

Conclusion: Mindy Kaling Does It Best!

Mindy Kaling is quite a lady! It helps that she has more skills than most, knows how to have a good time and take care of herself and can also keep her mouth shut about some aspects of her life.

She is still relatively young, so the world, as they say, is at her tender little feet. Over the years we all can no doubt look forward to her amazing and thrilling us more with her performances in different forms of the art.

So, what do you think of this remarkable woman and the changes she appears to have made to her body over the years. Do let us know, so we can tell her!

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