Is Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery a commonly known fact?

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Sofia Vergara is the sort of female whose very appearance lights up a room like an exploding meteor! She is an exotic Colombian-American with a taut body that belies her advanced years, along with breasts and ass that appear too perfect for words. Sofia Vergara is more than a pretty face and tight little booty, as she happens to be a seasoned, acclaimed, and very talented actress who renders performances that can make the soul experience the equivalent of a seismic shift!

Since her accidental discovery on a beach many moons ago, Sofia Vergara has gone on to model and appear in lots of our favorite movies and TV shows. Remember her in the totally outrageous Madea Goes to Jail (2009), the gory Machete Kills (2013) or the pulse-pounding if zany movie that was Hot Pursuit (2015)? If not, then her performance in Modern Family for which she got more nominations and awards than there are stars in the heavens got you rooting for her and dying to get her phone number, right?

Well, here’s a short bio of this ever-fabulous female that details all there is to know about her, including Sofia Vergara bra size! Read on and get to learn a few things that might come in useful were she to appear in your dreams!

Sofia Vergara Gets It Popping with A Will!

sofia vergara blonde

Sofia Vergara is an actress, model, producer, and TV host. She was born in Colombia on July 10, 1972, to a devout Roman Catholic family no less. Her father Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo worked as a cattle rancher, while her mother, Margarita, Vergara de Vergara as is common in that period was a devoted homemaker. Vergara’s nickname during her childhood was “Toti”.

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At first, the young Sofia Vergara spent a trio of years in a Colombian university studying for a degree in dentistry, before moving to Miami, Florida so as to pursue a modeling career and tap into any opportunities that might arise in show business. Her decision to move to the states was astute and came at a time when Colombia was deep in the throes of conflict. In 1998, Rafael, Vergara’s older brother was murdered during a kidnapping attempt gone wrong. Sandra, Vergara’s cousin who she regards as an adopted sister is at present a television actress in the US and doing well for herself.

The world might never have known of Sofia Vergara had it not been for a chance encounter she had with a photographer while walking along a beach in her homeland. As to be expected, the guy was quickly smitten by her fresh-faced beauty and practically went down on all fours while tempting her with sumptuous offers related to TV and modeling work.

sofía vergara young

The young Sofia Vergara was at that time a good little girl who probably had never even been kissed or walked down the primrose path. She was torn as to whether or not to accept such an offer, till her Catholic school teachers intervened and gave her their blessings. So, Vergara was quickly cast in a Pepsi commercial that was meant for the Latin American market. She later began studying at the Creative Workshops School of Acting, which happens to be the same school where the likes of Gloria Estefan honed her skills.

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Over the years, Vergara has starred in more movies and shows than can be rightly counted on a slow weekend. Her first leading role was in the Farrelly brothers’ The Three Stooges, in which she played a mean character who offs her hubby so as to get a lot of moolah.

sophia body before and after

According to a list released in mid-2012 by the folks over at, Vergara earned a mighty $19 million for the previous one year. She has also been named by People magazine as one of its “50 most beautiful people”, with Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter calling her one of the most influential Latin American women in Planet Hollywood.

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On May 7, 2015, Vergara got a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. She played the lead role of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. Her powerful performance has been recognized with a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Vergara has over the years appeared in a bunch of commercials, sometimes with other celebrities. She has also endorsed a wide range of products.

In the deeply personal sphere, Vergara opted to get married age 18 to Joe Gonzalez, who was her high school sweetheart. Theirs seemed a marriage made in heaven itself and blessed by all the angels on high. Their son Manolo was born in 1991. Unfortunately, marital difficulties arose and the loving couple got divorced in 1993.

In the year 2000, Vergara had a positive diagnosis of thyroid cancer. She opted to get rid of her thyroid, went through radioiodine therapy and fully recovered from the ordeal. At present, she has to take medications to prevent to forestall hypothyroidism.

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In 2011, Julio, Vergara’s kid brother was deported back to Columbia after falling afoul of the law and getting arrested. He was also a longtime drug addict, with his addiction drastically changing his personality and causing his family a lot of sorrow.

In 2012, Sofia Vergara sent made more than a few of her more rabid fans suicidal by announcing her engagement to Nicholas M. Loeb, her beau of 2 years. However, on May 23, 2014, this engagement for unspecified reasons was called off.

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On December 25, 2014, Vergara got engaged to Joe Manganiello, who had made his name in flicks like True Blood. The couple had dated for all of six months and in November 2015 flew to Palm Beach, Florida, where they got hitched.

In December 2014, Sofia Vergara put in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! There, she revealed that she had gotten a pitch-perfect score during her citizenship test and was as of now a bonafide US citizen.

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Sofia Vergara happens to be making money hand over fist and appears to be having lots of fun while pulling off this feat! In 2015, Forbes calculated her yearly income at around $28.5 million. By September 2016, Forbes announced that Vergara had become the highest paid actress on TV, pulling in $43 million just for the previous year. At present, she has a net worth that has been reliably estimated at $100 million, which should be more than enough for her to buy a few Bugatti supercars if she ever got so inclined!

Apart from acting, Vergara is also a really astute businesswoman with an eye on the big picture. She helped found a talent management business called Latin World Entertainment in 1994 and helped nurture it into the biggest and best Hispanic media marketing firms on the planet.

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As for Sofia Vergara’s bra size, which most of you must have been eagerly waiting for, that is all of 32F. What a lady!

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Details

Awww… Sofia Vergara is definitely a looker, as this picture of her show. She totally does not look her age and has a totally banging body that most would deem it a privilege to wet dream about!

Now, ever since Sofia Vergara began showing up on TV screens, lots of folks have been suggesting that she has had plastic surgery of one form or the other. Some say that Sofia Vergara boobs are too perfect and upstanding to be natural, while others are of the view that her booty is too seductively bootylicious to have been crafted by mother nature. Then there are those who point to her unusually smooth face and assert that she must have had it lifted or been kissed by a magical prince or the other to make it so smooth!

Well, today we will seek to find out if rumors of Sofia Vergara plastic surgery should be dismissed as unwarranted or are actually factual, at least based on the available evidence. Here we go, folks!

Teething Work

sofia vergara teeth

Some folks are lucky enough to be born with teeth so perfect that a smile from them feels like the blinding glare of the midday sun! However, Sofia Vergara is not in this category, as this image to the left shows. Yes, she looks good and has a nice smile, but she appears to be in need of gum contouring surgery. Her teeth could also do with some whitening, as they most definitely do not befit her status. This is just what appears to have taken place in the picture to the right. As a result of these aforementioned procedures, she has a smile an angel could cheerfully kill for!

Breasting The Tape

sofia vergara boobs

Over the years, Sofia Vergara boobs have been the object of much speculation and attention and deservedly too. Hers are as perfect as could be and are shaped so nicely as to trigger some serious drooling and envy. Take a look at this picture to the right. Yes, that’s Vergara, dressed in a bikini no less and so merciless as to leave nothing much to the imagination! Isn’t she a mightily comforting sight for sore eyes? Now, at that time, Sofia Vergara tits size was 32B or C, or so we believe. Later on, this increased to 32F. Exactly how and when this increase happened is still unclear, but take a look at the picture on the right in which Sofia Vergara Tits can be seen frantically trying to escape from her dress and see for yourself the extent of her bounty. From what we can gather, it seems that Sofia Vergara underwent a breast augmentation procedure of some sort. It is also possible that she has resorted to padding her bra or stuffing a pair of coconuts down there, but we deem that to be highly unlikely.

Face Off

sofia vergara plastic surgery

As well all know, Sofia Vergara appears far too youthful to be of the age that’s shown on her birth certificate. Her face helps fosters this illusion as it is remarkably smooth, as well as soft and tight in all the right places. Now, examine this picture of the lady in question. The one on the left has her looking nearly her age, with this being reversed in the picture on the right. More precisely, in the picture on the right, it appears that her cheeks have been plumped, the space between her brows smoothened, the lines around her mouth erased and her skin tightened. While it might be tempting to attribute these radical changes to premium skin care, it appears highly likely that this sweet lady has had her face done.

Booty Tales

sofia vergara butt

Call us perverted, but there’s something practically magical about Sofia Vergara’s booty! Take a look at it here and here and be forced to resist kneeling down and worshiping its magnificence! However, there are a few things worth pointing out about this potent derriere. In the picture on the left, her booty though nicely curved and tight is not all that worth going crazy over, at least not when the likes of Kim K are still alive and kicking! In the picture on the right that same ass appears to have acquired a popular and distinctive lifted effect. This points to her having had a butt injection procedure that transferred fat from other areas to her ass end. The results, as they say, is worth its weight in gold!

Sofia Vergara Blonde, Witty and Sexy

Sofia Vergara Blonde is your typical poor girl made good and a mightily talented one at that who has broken a lot of stereotypes and made herself a very nice bundle into the bargain. She is beautiful, sassy, witty and as sexy as freshly committed sin! Given her achievements so far, her legacy is assured, as is her place on the bedroom walls of some of the menfolk!

So, what do you think of Sofia Vergara plastic surgery so far? Do let us know right quick, so we can up-channel it to her lawyer!

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