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Is Emily Ratajkowski Plastic Surgery a Truth?

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There are some truly unforgettable things in this life. Like one’s first sight of the Aurora Borealis marching across the night sky in tune to Mother Nature’s harmonic and occasionally disharmonic beat. Or diving and getting to view the Great Barrier Reef and the incredible array of flora and fauna it superbly supports and enchants visitors with.

In case you are not the adventurous sort but still want to get your eyeballs and brain matter thrilled to the limit, you can eat a 5-course home-cooked meal washed down with 200-year old scotch. Or stare at a -preferably nude- picture of the great and mighty Emily Ratajkowski!

The beauty and perfection of this young lady is of such quality as to turn even a eunuch into a simpering, stuttering simpleton! She is perfectly proportioned, with eyes that are sinfully easy to drown in, loaded with the most magnificent breasts on the galaxy, blessed with a booty that’s perky enough to corrupt the senses of a statue and laden with the most riveting legs ever formed, that incidentally appear to have neither beginning nor end! In short, Emily Ratajkowski assuredly takes no prisoners!

Since her breakout appearance in the music video for “Blurred Lines,” while dressed in her totally sublime birthday suit, Emily has been kept busy starring in movie after movie, appearing on catwalk after catwalk and has found the love of her life and settled down with the very lucky guy. Wanna know more about this sinfully lush, fresh and magical angel? Then check out her bio below and feel free to drool over her photos and the details of her alleged plastic surgery!

Emily Ratajkowski Gets Down To Slaying!

On June 7, 1991, Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski was born to John David Ratajkowski and Kathleen Anne Bagley, in Westminster, London. Her father was and still is a university don, while her mom was a painter and artist. Emily is an only child and is of Polish, German, Irish and Polish Jewish ancestry. Her parents moved from London to the US when she was 5 and she grew up in ever-sunny San Diego, California. She underwent puberty at a relatively early age.

emily ratajkowski before and after

As a kid, Emily had an obsession with theatre and theoretical performance and staged shows for her family. Before resolving on modeling she had previously dabbled in ballet, soccer, and acting. As a teen, she made repeated visits to the nude beaches of Europe and has viewed more than her fair share of nude female art and photography, with this being credited with making her ultra-comfortable with both her own nude body and others.

emily ratajkowski before and after

Her modeling career began at age 14 when she signed on to Ford Models, though she faced challenges because at 5-foot-7 she was shorter than the average model. She was also active in the acting scene, though she was most often saddled with the bitchy girl, cheerleader roles and the like.  Her first appearance on the silver screen was on the teen TV show, iCarly, from 2009-2010.

emily ratajkowski surgery

Emily attended the University of California for a single year in 2009. She dropped out because she did not enjoy the experience and resolved to focus on her modeling career. With her sweet face and oh-so-leggy body, she had no problem finding modeling work and appearing on magazine covers. A totally incredible nude photo she did for treats! magazine later helped her get her breakout role in the music video for “Blurred Lines” and others.

emily ratajkowski breast

Her performance in 2013’s “Blurred Lines” in which she appeared either topless or nude depending on the version earned Emily widespread notoriety and led to her being speedily classified as a sex symbol and among the hottest and sexiest women ever, by such magazines like FHM, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Esquire, and others. Before this, she had performed in the Maroon 5 music video “Somebody” and had a latter role in the “Fast Car” music video by Taio Cruz.

emily ratajkowski breast size

Using her new-found fame, Emily was able to get major roles in Hollywood movies like Gone Girl, Entourage, We Are Your Friends, I Feel Pretty among others. Apart from looking superb, she could act, with her performances usually getting critically positive reviews.

emily ratajkowski breast augmentation

During September 2014, Emily Ratajkowski had her personal and deeply private nude photos hacked and leaked from the iCloud. In late February 2018, she made an Instagram announcement to the effect that she had gotten hitched to her weeks-old boyfriend- Sebastian Bear-Mclard, at City Hall, New York City. Previously she had dated the likes of Andrew Dryden and musician Jeff Magid.

emily ratajkowski boob size

The news of her marriage was completely unexpected, with the attendees being a pug and a small collection of friends of the groom. The honeymoon was at the Amangiri Resort, located in Canyon Point, Utah.

emily ratajkowski implants

Emily is a devoted feminist who has been viciously criticized for her views, conduct, and actions by some involved parties, who apparently feel that her showing off her body professionally and being a vocal feminist are irreconcilable. She is a Planned Parenthood (PPFA) supporter for which she has raised funds and has starred in a short film that promotes reproductive and sexual health. Her position has however drawn lots of heavy flak from right to life advocates.

emily ratajkowski boob job

Emily Ratajkowski is very popular on the social media scene and never hesitates to discourse on the most divisive or unpopular issues of the day. Attaboy, girl!

The Meat Of The Matter, With Emily Ratajkowski!

For about as long as dinosaurs roamed the earth and ate your grandparents for dinner, Emily Ratajkowski has been rumored in all forms of media to have undergone a boob job, butt job and nearly a brain job! But are there any truth in these rumors?

Well, let’s go find out right now, that is if you are not too busy ogling her topless photos!

Boobsome Wonder!

Emily Ratajkowski’s magnificent breasts are most often the very first thing people notice about her. But are these real, or are they merely Emily Ratajkowski implants?

emily ratajkowski breast implants

Well, check out these Emily Ratajkowski boob job before and after photos. Are you done drooling? Good, pick your jaw from the floor! In the first photo, Emily Ratajkowski has awesome boobs. In the second photo, however, the awesomeness level greatly increases, as does the heft, juiciness, and shape of her mammaries.

Because of this, it is only fair to ask if it is just Emily Ratajkowski breast implants, or if she has undergone breast augmentation surgery. Or is she wearing a push-up bra? Well, what do your eyes and brain matter tell you?

Nose To Nose!

An examination of these before and after photos lend lots of credence to persistent rumors of an Emily Ratajkowski plastic surgery. In the first photo, while her nose is nicely shaped, it’s a little bit bulky. In the second photo, however, her nose has been thinned up considerably, refined and reshaped by what has to be an extraordinarily skilled surgeon.

Or are our eyes deceiving us? Let us know!

emily ratajkowski nose

Filling It In!

Lip fillers are all the rage, giving women lips so kissable and sweet that they nearly melt in the mouth! Emily Ratajkowski boasts some of the nicest lips around, with most of the menfolk willing to kill to get closer than a burr to it!

emily ratajkowski lips

Now, kindly check out this before and after photo. There are clear differences between both, which ostensibly means that she has had her lips filled in. However, a more detailed examination proves that no lip fillers or injections were used to make her lips as full as they currently are. Instead, according to our experts, they were plumped up by means of liners and other crafty makeup techniques.

Well, we guess that puts paid to assertions that Emily Ratajkowski had surgery on the lips!

Emily Ratajkowski- Beautiful Beyond Description!

There’s no way you can sight Emily Ratajkowski without wanting to bow down and pay obeisance to her otherworldly beauty! Even if beauty does not move you, her outspokenness on sensitive matters relating to sexuality, culture, politics and more will speedily alert you to the fact that she is more than just another pretty face eager to show it all for the right amount of benjamins.

Emily Ratajkowski is a remarkable lady by any measure, with an insane amount of magazine headcovers to her credits. She boasts lead roles with some of the most famous and bankable stars and is as talented as all get-out. These and more make her worth getting to know and totally worth building a shrine to!

So, what are your opinion on Emily Ratjakowski surgery to improve her appearance and getting even more perfect? Is that right and proper, or should surpassingly attractive women like her be imprisoned for constituting a nuisance to the collective sanity of the menfolk by boastfully showcasing her perfection?! Do let us know what you think soonest.

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