How real are Rihanna Breast Implants?

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The ever-sexy and beautiful Rihanna is an incredibly fascinating fashionista who goes by many names. She is one incredibly talented human, who happens to have a commanding presence and a voice that is near impossible to accurately describe without sounding like a little school girl right after her first kiss!

Her rise to the top can only be described as meteoric with a capital M, and from an unknown teenager with self-confidence issues and heavyweight family problems, she has transformed into a world-famous entertainer with more awards and plaques than anyone could count in a month of Sundays! Over the years, she has been in the news for her consistently chart-topping music, as well as her tumultuous affairs with the menfolk.

“Pon de Replay” was the hit single that showed beyond doubt that Rihanna was marked for greatness, with hit after hit following in such rapid succession that there was nothing else to do but put her on the same pedestal as the greats of yesteryear. This sex symbol par excellence as of right now has 9 Grammy Awards sitting pretty in her closet, as well as 13 American Music Awards, and all of a dozen Billboard Music Awards. She is additionally the current holder of no less than 6 Guinness World Records, has been on Forbes Most Influential People list from 2012 to 2018 and has sold more than 280 million records globally. That’s heady stuff if we do say so!

But what were her early years like? Or did she just drop on planet earth from a spaceship? Let’s go find out!

Riri Says She Love the Way You Lie, So, Work It!

rihanna before surgery

 Rihanna’s birth name was Robyn Rihanna Fenty, with her birthplace being Barbados. She has a couple of brothers, as well as a half-brother and 2 half-sisters. Her early years were spent in a 3-bedroom bungalow located in Bridgetown and she sold clothing in street stall along with her father -a warehouse supervisor.

rihanna before plastic surgery

Her childhood was no fairytale, with her fathers’ addiction to both alcohol and crack making for a messy mix that strained her parents’ relationship to the limit. Rihanna suffered from severe headaches during her early years, and her parents finally divorced when she was 14.

She loved listening to the reggae music that was the island staple and formed a musical group in 2003. Soon after she was discovered by Evan Rogers and recorded a demo tape, among which were the singles “The Last Time” and “Pon de Replay.” Both were judged so fabulous that they later appeared in her debut album, which was titled Music of the Sun. Rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z, the CEO of Def Jam Recordings heard the demo tape, was so impressed that he asked her to audition and then signed her to the label on the spot.

rihannas boobs

May 2005 marked the release of her debut single, “Pon de Replay” which went on to occupy top slots in most countries. To put it very mildly it was a massive hit, especially in the US, where it climbed to no 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs.

Her debut album Music of the Sun saw its global release on August 2005. It achieved a no 10 placement on the Billboard 200 and shifted more than 2 million copies. In 2006 her second studio album, A Girl Like Me was released. It flew off the shelves, with 115,000 copies sold in the first week and was soon certified Platinum by who else but the RIAA.

Good Girl Gone Bad was her third album. Unlike the other two before it, this album embraced a new direction and technique and was filled with uptempo danceable tracks. It was a massive chart-topper in multiple countries and earned Riri lots of acclaim. The album got Rihanna her first Grammy nominations, with an eventual win in Best Rap/Song Collaboration for the single “Umbrella.”

rhianna forehead


In early 2009, Rihanna was scheduled to perform at the 51st Grammy Awards. This was however canceled. Reports soon surfaced that she had been physically assaulted by her then-boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown. He was arrested soon after, sentenced to a few months in jail and ordered to keep his distance from her. This incident speedily became a media circus of unbelievable proportions.

She soon put her assault behind her and released Rated, her fourth studio album early on in 2009. The album had a darker, ominous tone and was praised by Rolling Stone among others. Rated made a number 4 debut on the US Billboard 200 and sold 181,000 copies in the US during the first week of its release. The single “Rude Boy” proved to be a prodigious chart-topper and sat pretty at the very top of the US Billboard Hot 100 for 6 solid weeks. “Rude Boy” also recreated its performance in 22 other countries, where it occupied a number of top 10 placements.

rihanna before after


Summer 2010 saw Riri collaborate with rap great Eminem with the song ‘Love The Way You Lie” being the fruit of their labors. It was a total success globally, with no 1 placements in more than 20 countries. Her fifth studio album Loud, had a 2010 release. It featured a number of collaborations with artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Britney Spears. During the 53rd Grammys, the lead single, “Only Girl (In The World) won the Best Dance Recording award.

rihanna before and after

Talk That Talk was her sixth album and had a November 2011 release. It had a no 2 debut in both the US and the UK, with “We Found Love” being the lead single. This was a monster hit and topped the charts in no less than 27 countries and smashed chart records aplenty into the bargain. Billboard Hot 100 later judged the single to be the 24th biggest hit of all time.

rihanna implants

A Grammy award came knocking in 2012 for Riri’s collaboration with Kanye for the song “All Of The Lights.” That same year, she released some singles on which she had collaborated on with her former ex, Chris Brown. For obvious reasons, this was not well received. Better news was to come in September 2012, when “We Found Love” walked away with the MTV Video Music Award for the Video of the Year.

rihannas boobs

Her onscreen debut in a feature film was as Petty Officer Cora Raikes in the sci-fi movie Battleship, released on May 2012. The movie was critically panned. Unapologetic was her 7th studio album, with a November 2012 release. As expected, it made a no 1 debut on the US Billboard 200 and shifted 238,000 copies during the first week. The lead single was “Diamonds”, which was a solid hit that achieved no 1 chart positions in over 20 countries.

rihanna breast size

Fame and fortune once more smiled on Riri during the 55th Grammy Awards, when she got her hands on her 6th Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video for the “We Found Love.” October 2013 saw a single “The Monster,” on which she collaborated on with Eminem debut at no 1 on the UK Singles Chart. It also reached to no 1 on the US Billboard 100.

rihanna big boobs

Anti, her 8th studio album had a January 2016 release. It climbed to the no 1 spot on the Billboard 200 and was bolstered by an array of fabulous singles. Her 9th Grammy Award came courtesy of a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the single, “Loyalty.”

rihanna fake boobs

Rihanna has appeared on the final season of the TV show Bates Motel, as Marion Crane, with her performance being widely praised. She played a lead role in the 2017 movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and was part of the all-female cast of the spoof movie Ocean’s 8.

rihanna breast implants

She regards pop star Madonna as her biggest influence. Other artists, she thinks very fondly of are Maria Carey and Bob Marley. She herself has proven a very influential figure for lots of artists.

No Other Goddess But Riri!

Rihanna is by all accounts an otherworldly sexy, beautiful and enchanting young lady. She is blessed with a slim, perky body, an unforgettable face, and a small but truly sublime booty. Like any public figure, there long have been rumors suggesting or outrightly claiming that she had lots of help from cosmetic surgery to look as fabulous as she does. Let’s explore the truth or otherwise of this.

A Rihanna Boob Job And The World Drools!

rihanna boob job

– check this photo out, and then this more recent one. In the former, Riri’s breasties could be mistaken for a pair of French loaves that have been left out overnight! In the latter though she seems to have stuffed some coconuts down her bra! This suggests that breast implantation surgery was performed on the star, as nothing else can adequately explain the increase in Rihanna breast size. However, some diehard fans of hers might see any mention of Rihanna breast implants or Rihanna fake boobs article as sacrilege!

Riri Is A Nose!

rihanna nose job

A look at these before and after pics of Rihanna appears to convincingly show that she had a nose job. In the former picture, her nose sat on her face like it had been carelessly mashed on it! In the latter picture, it has been trimmed up, with a much narrower bridge than before. Is the pictorial evidence on this conclusive? You decide!

Hair Us Pray!

rihanna hairline

– the story of Rihanna’s apparently receding hairline has made lots of appearances in the news. However, of late the hairs on her hairline that previously appeared to be going extinct have been growing back, as these before and after pictures make clear. Now, this might be due to cosmic luck, the proper alignment of galaxies, exotic treatment or hairline surgery.  Just which is up to you to decide.

Conclusion: Riri Works And Makes It Happen!

Rihanna is a mightily impressive individual by any standards. She is innovative, inventive and as picture-perfect as they come. Still young, she appears set to break lots more records and has more talent than most other top artists manage to summon in an eye-blink! Wealthy, charming, sexy, and ravishingly beautiful, she is a driven perfectionist who intends to go on breaking barriers and records, as well as fashion conventions.

Barring an alien invasion, more top hits and appearances on the silver screen are assured in the years to come. Now, what do you think about her having had plastic surgery? Let us know how you feel about it and we might get Riri to turn your answer into the hook of yet another chart-topper!

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