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Everybody knows Blac Chyna, right? In case the name got some of you all stumped, do take note that we are referring to the former stripper, and current model, TV personality, businesswoman and makeup artiste of the same name who is associated with the Kardashian family.

Now that we are all on the same page, let’s just wax a bit lyrical about the ass-ets of this lady. So, Blac Chyna has a booty that that according to history is the sort that the Native Americans originally sold Manhattan to the Dutch for!

Or did they really? Sorry, we might have gotten our history a little mixed up! Anyway, she does happen to have a booty that makes Kim Kardashian’s pathetic, and has nearly caused stampedes and riots with such simple acts as walking down the street while ardently shaking everything that her mama bequeathed to her!

Blac Chyna ass is not her only saving grace as she also packs a pair of breasts that look firm enough to stop a bullet and outperform any airbag! She also has exes whose names look like a roll call of the rich and famous taken at any high-class wedding up in the more exclusive parts of Hollywood! She’s on a first name basis with most of the Kardashian clan and even has a son from a member of the Kardashian family.

It might be really tempting to dismiss Blac Chyna as trash, but the fact remains that she really has a head on her shoulders and has been using this to get and flash some serious moolah. So, those who for any myriad of reasons are not able to stand her still have to respect her business acumen and ability to sell whatever she can cook up.

Now, in case you have been wondering just how Blac Chyna came on the scene and started using her assets to shake it up and map out her own path, here’s a short bio of her. Read on!

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery makes her Booty Extraordinaire!

Blac Chyna was born Angela Renee White on May 11, 1988, in Washington DC. Shalana Jones-Hunter is her mother, though she calls herself Tokyo Toni. She was at one time a former exotic dancer and fully supported her daughter in her later line of work.

blac chyna before

Her father’s name is Eric Holland. Blac Chyna is a mix of African American and Latina descent and grew up in Maryland. Her relationship with her mother could best be described as turbulent and the two have had very public and brutal spats over the years.

blac chyna fake butt

During her university years, the young Blac Chyna took to stripping so as to be able to pay her tuition. At first, she combined stripping with school, before dropping out and just focusing on showing off her body for Benjamins. Apart from stripping, she also danced and modeled a  little bit and was quite good at her job.

As a dancer, Blac Chyna performed under a variety of names, before borrowing the name Blac Chyna form a client of hers and making it her own. Eventually, Blac Chyna landed in a popular Miami club called King of Diamonds, where hip hop artists like Lil Wayne and co go to cool off and spray dollars like it’s going out of style!

2010 marked the emergence of Blac Chyna in the public consciousness. That year, Drake was so good as to mention her in a song of his called “Miss Me”. She rode the intense buzz that soon followed and tapped into it to get to the top.

Soon after, she got her first modeling gig and got covered by quite a few magazines. She also got to strut her stuff in “Monster”, the Kanye West video hit. There she played Nicki Minaj’s stunt double for the simple reason that both girls looked like they came from the same mold and have lots of similar talents.

blac chyna butt implants

In 2012, she was featured in Tyga’s music video for his “Rack City” hit. The two started dating and Blac Chyna put her exotic dancing on hold. It was this relationship that enabled Blac Chyna to get close to the Kardashian family, which considerably boosted her brand appeal and influence.

blac chyna body

In 2013, Chyna launched an online boutique called 88fin and got qualified as a makeup artist. Her personal brand of eyelashes called LASHED by Blac Chyna soon went on sale and in 2014 she launched a beauty bar, where she trains makeup artists and provides beauty services. In 2018, she joined forces with Amber Rose in launching a plus size clothing line called Simple Be. Incidentally and for reasons not explained, both girls are BFF.

blac chyna booty

At present, Blac Chyna has had two notable relationships, both of which boosted her fame in no great measure and involved the Kardashian name. The first was with Tyga. They have a son together but broke up in 2014 due to accusations that he was cheating on her with no less a figure than Kylie Jenner.

The second relationship was with Rob Kardashian. They have a daughter together and even got engaged. A reality show starring the couple graced our TV screens and theirs seemed a match made in heaven. Problems soon appeared and the two parted ways. A short reconciliation followed, but that didn’t hold for long. Poor Rob could be even forced to spend some time in the slammer, after accusing her of infidelity and releasing intimate photos of her.

black chyna before and after

Blac Chyna’s most recent relationship appears to be with then 18-year old rapper, YBN almighty Jay. This soon hit the rocks for obvious reasons.

blac chyna before surgerys

At present, Blac Chyna resides in Los Angeles, has a Twitter following of nearly a million and over 14 million Instagram followers. Her current net worth is listed as a rather impressive $4 million and rather than the statuesque amazon she appears to be is actually 5 feet 2 tall.

Details of Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery

Now that the bio is over here’s our proof that Blac Chyna plastic surgery rumors are actually factual. Considering the quantity of before and after photos in our collection, there is simply no doubting that this lady has had a tremendous amount of work done to make her a standout any day of the week. The details of her plastic surgery could conceivably fill up volumes, so here are a few highlights that will no doubt leave you shocked.

Nosing Into Trouble

blac chyna surgery

Now, here are two photos of the lady in question. The one on the left is from back when she was still relatively unknown, while the one on the right is more recent. In the photo on the left, one can easily see that her nose bridge is practically wider than an Oklahoman barn door! The tip is rounded too. Compare this to the picture on the right, where her nose is far more pointy and the bridge has been thinned. Based on this, there’s very little doubt that she has had a rhinoplasty.

All Boobed Up!

blac chyna implants

Now, Blac Chyna’s mammaries are part of her draw and the reason so many men practically salivate at her appearance. In the picture on the left that was taken when she was younger, it can be seen that her breasts are soft, firm, rounded and medium-sized. In short, the sort that some would kill to have sitting pretty in the palm of their hand and go to bed resting their head on! In the other picture, however, her boobs have inexplicably exploded in size to the point that one can’t help but feel sad at the stress that her clothes and bra have to endure while vainly trying to contain those enormous knockers as they struggle to break free. The enlargement in this case appears so extreme that her breasts have some visibly bulging veins on them, with these and other facts leaving us no other option than to conclude that Blac Chyna has breast implants of the sort that could overfill a dinner plate sitting pretty in her chest!

Bottom Power

blac chyna ass

Yes, most black ladies do tend to be over-endowed in their backyard and that does seem true in Blac Chyna’s case, till one takes a deeper look at the ass end of things! Now, compare this Blac Chyna before and after picture that shows off her ass. Ain’t that a juicy sight for sore eyes! Think that Blac Chyna butt looks too good to be true, especially in the latter picture? You are not alone. While there might be a cogent and fully natural reason for her booty to have suddenly bulked up in size, we have yet to hear about it. So, that essentially means that Blac Chyna butt implants are some sort that gets her booty rolling like around while she is walking like it’s filled with gravy! A Brazilian butt lift might also be the reason she is so ass-wondrous and doesn’t care who knows it!

Lip Wonder

While most black women tend to have thick lips, Blac Chyna’s still seem to be thicker than most. Don’t take our word for it and go through the two pictures below. Still, after examining a lot of lippy evidence, we are yet to find proof that she has used lip fillers. But that is still not off the table.

blac chyna before and after

Forehead Always

Do be a dear and take a looksie at this picture. It is of Blac Chyna from back in the day. Then compare it with this more recent one. Notice something? And no, it is not hidden in her bra! We are talking about her forehead. This seems to have really reduced and now is almost flat, rather than looking like a battering ram! The most obvious explanation is that the chick has had forehead reduction surgery and that is the story we are sticking by for now. It is, however, possible that our eyes are really playing tricks on us and the change is rather due to her hairline.

blac chyna boob job

Hairy Problems

Like most women, Blac Chyna has experienced hair loss in some form, as this picture makes clear. Yes, notice the receding hairline that appears to be begging for attention. Well, it seems that it got the attention it deserved as this more recent image makes clear. As can be seen, the formerly receding hairline is no longer present, which leads to the conclusion that she has had hair transplant surgery to correct it.

blac chyna plastic surgery

Killing It With Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is an impressive businesswoman who happens to be able to dance sexily enough to get a monk googly eyed and feverishly gasping for breath! She is impressive at all levels, appears willing to do whatever it takes to make a dollar and is one determined lady whose best is yet to come. She is a trendsetter in more ways than one and influential enough to get folks moving heaven and earth to book her services and dying to try out her merchandise.

Sure, she has had a lot of work done on her body, but who else in show business hasn’t? So, what do you feel about all the cosmetic surgery procedures she appears to have undergone? What are your thoughts about Blac Chyna before and after pictures? Are they too far out or desirable? Do you think that Blac Chyna before surgery was a better sight for sore eyes and aching hearts? Stop staring at her rolling booty for once and do let us know!

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