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Know someone by the name of Christie Brinkley and ever heard rumors of Christie Brinkley plastic surgery? And no, Brinkley is not the current girlfriend of your high school mate or the waitress at the coffeehouse down the street.

Instead, the Christie Brinkley we are referring to here was and still is one of the most successful models ever, who was famous for her breathtaking looks, appearing three consecutive times on the cover of Sports Illustrated while dressed in a swimsuit that showed off her body beautiful so perfectly that it made many breathless.  This was back in like the late 70s and early 80s but is no less an impressive feat.

From modeling this blond bombshell tried her hand in business, acting, designing, writing, and what have you and was successful at them all. She is presently reckoned to be one of the most attractive women ever, by no less than Allure and Men’s Health magazine and today has a net worth of around $250 million. Not bad for a former model, eh?

Here’s her bio and Christie Brinkley cosmetic surgery details. It does make for a great read. So read on until the end!

Christie Brinkley: Blondly Famous!

Christie Lee Hudson was born in Michigan on February 2, 1954. Her parents were Herbert Hudson and Marjorie Hudson, nee Bowling. When she was young, her family moved house to Los Angeles, California. There, her mother met and fell in love with David Brinkley. They got married and he adopted both Christie and her brother.

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Once she had finished high school, the young Christie went to Paris so as to study art. There she worked as an illustrator for around three years before being discovered in a post office by Errol Sawyer, an American photographer. He introduced her around to the people that mattered and she was soon hired for a trio of ad campaigns back in the states.

Soon after, she started being regularly featured on the cover of such an august magazine as Glamour, with the CoverGirl cosmetics brand signing her on for a record 25-year contract. In 2005, Brinkley was signed on again by the same cosmetics company and tasked with promoting mature skin care products and the like.

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From 1979 to 1981, Brinkley and her body beautiful was captured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers, which was a record. Over the years, she also appeared on the annual swimsuit issues of the publication, and in TV specials. Sports Illustrated also made her the first figure in its calendar and made available a couple of her very own calendars. In 2017 she appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue, in company with her two daughters.

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Over the years, Brinkley has been featured on more than 500 magazine covers, from Harper’s Bazaar to Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Glamour, Life, Vogue, US, Newsweek, and Rolling Stone. She has been photographed in more than thirty countries and on all continents on this planet save one.

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Her acting career was kickstarted when she played a cameo role in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983). In 1997, she reprised this role in Vegas Vacation. In the year 2011, she played herself in King of the Hamptons, a documentary produced by Dennis Michael Lynch.

Her stage debut came in April 2011, when she appeared in the musical, Chicago, as Roxie Hart. Subsequently, she joined the cast for a nationwide tour. In 1983, she wrote an illustrated book related to health and beauty that went to the top of The New York Times bestseller list.

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In 1993, she did the cover art illustration for the album of her then-hubby Billy Joel, with Rolling Stone awarding it “Best album cover of the year”. From 1997, she started appearing alongside action star Chuck Norris in commercials promoting fitness equipment and in 1998 launched Believe, her signature fragrance.

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In 1998, the readers of Playboy magazine voted her as being among 100 Sexiest Women of the 20th century and on she is third in its list of Top 10 Supermodels of All Time. Men’s Health considers her as no 16 in its list of the “100 Hottest Women of All Time”, while in 2003 ranked her as no 1 on its list of “10 Hottest Hollywood Women in their 50s”.

has christie brinkley had cosmetic surgery

Over the years, Christie Brinkley has been involved in her fair share of men. In 1982 She once dated Olivier Chandon de Brailles who was heir to a champagne fortune. Unfortunately, the chap passed away following a nasty car crash. In September 2015, she was widely rumored to be dating John Mellencamp. In August of the next year, the two called it quits.

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Brinkley has been married to Jean-Francois Allaux from 1973 to 1981. There were no children. Her second marriage was to noted musician Billy Joel. This lasted from 1985 to 1994 and produced a child. Interestingly, both Brinkley and Billy Joel are still fast friends to this day.

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Her third marriage was to Richard Taubman, a real estate developer. They got married in December 1994 and divorced in 1995. The relationship produced a son. Her fourth marriage was to Peter Cook. The marriage produced a daughter. The couple filed for divorce in 2006, allegedly because Cook had been unfaithful. This was resolved with an out of court settlement, though thorny issues remain.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Explored in Detail

Time has been really good to Christie Brinkley. She looks nearly as stunning as she did when she first came to light and still has a killer smile. She also has her own skincare company and presumably has all the creams and ointments she needs to firmly keep age at bay. Here’s a look at the lady in question and as can be seen she can easily pass for a 30-year old hotter-than-fire MILF at a cookout, rather than actually being twice that age.

So, what’s keeping Christie Brinkley looking so youthful? Well, in 2015, she sat down for a no-holds-barred interview in which she admitted that it was really hard work staying pretty at her advanced age and that she had previously undergone some Christy Brinkley Plastic Surgery procedures like Botox injections, fillers, skin tightening and the like. She, however, stopped short of admitting having had surgical procedures done. Well, here’s the work her body appears to have gone through so far that has made it a magnificent sight to this day.

Breast Work!

has christie brinkley had plastic surgery

Here’s a picture of Brinkley in 1979. Damn, she does look good and has a nice, tight figure that could compete with those of a nymph! Seen the meager volume of what’s on her chest have you? Good for you. Now, here’s an image of her taken in 1997. In this picture, the goodies on her chest have been markedly increased in size. From this, it seems that she had some implants fitted in and very skillfully too. Now, you know what makes Christie Brinkley’s breast such a sight for sore eye and drooling mouths!

Chicks Are Filling!

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Now, on the right is an image of Brinkley taken in 2000. She’s dressed to the nines and grinning as wide as she can. Her cheeks bear focusing on, as they are a little plumper than they used to be. Compare it to the older picture on the left. From this, one can just about infer that her cheeks have been enhanced with fillers. But we could be wrong about this Christie Brinkley surgery. In which case the earth is really flat!

Eying Fame!

christie brinkley plastic surgery before and after

This is a 2008 image of the pretty lady under review. As can be seen, she’s looking a little stressed, which is understandable considering that was in the days when she was engaged in mortal combat in the divorce court with Cook, her then husband. The stress of it all makes her look a little frazzled and with her forehead displaying more than a few wrinkles, it appears that she will soon be paying a visit to the plastic surgeon to correct this and smoothen out the offending brow. However, the rest of her face is smooth and unlined and given the lack of wrinkles around her eyes, it appears she either had an eye lift done or is using some rather good creams and the like. Christie Brinkley Plastic surgery does work!

Facing It

christie brinkley cosmetic surgery

A Christie Brinkley face lift, yes or no? Well, the image on the left was taken in 2012. Christie Brinkley totally looks totally incredible for a 58-year old lady. Her face is totally wrinkle-free and her neck looks like those of a teenager. As this is an impossibility, she must have gotten a very skillful Christie Brinkley face lift, as well as a neck lift procedure of some sort. These procedures were really skillfully done and the surgeon responsible should be given an award! This is a Christie Brinkley surgery procedure that we can never imagine her ever admitting to having. And understandably too!

Keeping It On The Chi

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Here’s a good image of Brinkley from 2016. She’s totally gorgeous for an older lady and sure does know how to smile. Her nose appears a little too perfect, while her chin is fuller and rounder. While we don’t think she underwent a surgical procedure to reshape her chin, it is highly likely that she is injecting stuff into it to get it looking so good.

Lips For Show!

christie brinkley plastic surgery

Christie Brinkley stuns in this 2017 image, looking hotter than most MILF’s you see in the high-end gyms in Beverly Hills! Her lips in the above image appear to have been augmented via fillers and are plumper than was previously the case. Here’s a before image for you to check out. This Christie Brinkley cosmetic surgery procedure sure does make her more desirable.

Christy Brinkley Plastic Surgery makes her Beautiful beyond Perfection!

Christie Brinkley is a woman of rare beauty and talent who appears to have something of a Midas touch! She has broken a lot of records and has done very well for herself. We all look forward to watching her get prettier with age and build on her already formidable legacy.

So, what are your thoughts as to Christie Brinkley plastic surgery? Are they appropriate considering her advanced age or not? Let us know in the comment section below.

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