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Amber Rose is a celebrity that needs no introduction. This girl is the real deal who has seen and done it all and is well able to stand tall and tell you right to your face that she doesn’t really give much of a shit about you, or your opinion of her! People talk about Amber Rose Plastic Surgery. Are these rumors or reality? Let’s find out by reading until the end.

While she might not really be the type of girl you take home to mama with a straight face and joy in your heart, there’s little doubting that Amber Rose is one hell of a woman. She is astonishingly complex, has some pretty shocking opinions and preferences and can striptease along with the best of them. She is also an excellent model and a reasonable actress, has entered the devious world of business and made a nice bundle and even wrote a book in which she offers helpful advice on a variety of topics.

Brash as sin, lovely, pretty, and tight in all the right places, Amber Rose and her occasionally loud mouth is definitely not to be ignored. Now, let’s take a good look at the origins of this nearly bald-headed woman and her career over the years.

Amber Rose Young, Restless and Totally Unapologetic!

amber rose young

Amber Rose was born Amber Levonchuck in Philadelphia on October 21, 1983, and is of Irish, African and Italian descent. Her father is Michael Levonchuck, while her mother is Dorothy Rose. She has a brother by the name of Antonio Hewlett and grew up in South Philadelphia.

amber rose plastic surgery

Her parents divorced when she was a teen, with her and her mother becoming homeless soon after. As a result, Amber Rose young was forced to begin stripping while aged 15, so as to put food on the table. Her working pseudonym was “Paris”. Amber Rose as well tried to sell crack but was comically unsuccessful at this.

amber rose before and after

In 2008, Amber Rose made an appearance in the Kanye West and Young Jeezy “Put On” video. She also modeled for Louis Vuitton and others and appeared in a whole host of music videos. These all got her some slick buzz and by 2009 she was signed on to Ford Models.

amber rose body shape

In 2010, She made an appearance in the reality TV show, ”Running Russell Simmons” and in November 2011 was appointed a Smirnoff spokesperson and ambassador.

amber rose before and after

She released “Fame”, her debut single in January 2012, which featured Wiz Khalifa. Another single, “Loaded” saw a February 2012 release. “Rise Above”, the hit single in Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. album featured her rap vocals. In 2012, Amber Rose started a clothing line with Priscilla Ono, which was called Rose & Ono.

amber rose breast reduction

Her first book was published by Simon & Schuster. Titled How To Be A Bad Bitch, it offered advice on issues like love, finance, fashion and the like. Her “Walk of No Shame with Amber Rose” was filmed in 2015. It immediately went viral, helping generate buzz for her SlutWalk, which took place in California in October 2015. With SlutWalk, Rose sought to honor all women over the ages who have been judged for their sexual behavior and preferences, found wanting and mercilessly demeaned. Since its origin, this walk has taken place every year and draws crowds like bees to pollen.

amber rose implants

During March 2016, Amber Rose kicked off an emoji app that was called MuvaMoji. This featured around 900 emojis that she had curated and was so popular that it earned her around $4 million. On July 8, 2016, The Amber Rose Show debuted on TV and on September 2016, Rose started hosting Loveline.

amber rose butt implants

August 2016 saw her taking part in the 23rd session of Dancing with the stars. Her partner was Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who was a professional dancer of no mean repute. The dancing couple, however, failed to click much and had a 9th place finish.

amber rose before surgery

In the personal arena, Amber Rose dated a heavyweight like Kanye West from 2008 to 2010. However, nothing much appeared to come from the relationship. In 2011, she began dating rapper Wiz Khalifa. The two got serious, were engaged on March 2012 and got hitched on February 2013.

A son was born to them in February 2013. The little bundle of joy was called Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. In September 2014, Rose filed for divorce due to what she stated were irreconcilable differences. The couple currently has joint custody of their child, though Amber Rose had initially applied for sole custody.

amber rose before surgery

From 2017 to March 2018, Rose dated rapper 21 Savage, who happens to be younger by 9 years. Asked about her sexual orientation, Amber Rose has made bold to say that she could be attracted to folks of either sex and from whatever country and regardless of their body type.

Rose is a proud feminist and never hesitates to make that fact known. She is very active on the social media scene and posts the most intimate details of her life and troubles for all to see and marvel at.

Amber Rose Plastic Surgery Tales

Amber Rose is easily one of the hottest females and socialites around and has a body so voluptuous as to inspire reverence and even idolatry in some folks! Amber Rose body shape is iconic and is shaped for optimum thrills to the eyeballs and some other organs.

Needless to say, stores and allegations abound that she owes the state of her sweet body to the wonders of modern medicine and surgery. Her boobs and booty are the body parts that are most often pointed to as being fake, but Amber Rose is having none of it and has basically told her critics to go stuff themselves, preferably with a rusty World War 1 bayonet!

Now, pay attention as we lay out evidence that shows the truth of Amber Rose plastic surgery rumors, though she herself has freely admitted to having some work done on her body beautifully.

Crooked Is Da Teeth!

is amber rose butt real

Lookie here at the teeth of this young girl! She’s grinning for all she’s worth and looks too cute for words. Believe it or not, that is actually Amber Rose. Yes, she has cleaned up very well since then. Do prepare for lots more Amber Rose young pictures. Now take a look at the picture again. Check out the teeth that the young Amber Rose is shoving in our collective faces. They do resemble those of Mr. Ed, right! Well, compare that to the picture on the right in which a more recognizable Amber Rose is slyly grinning. As can be seen, her teeth and gums are much nicer looking and could be framed and hung in a dentist’s office. Comparing the two Amber Rose before and after pictures, it appears that Amber Rose has had her teeth corrected through veneers and braces. It is also possible that she has had gum contouring surgery done. Nothing else can correctly explain what we are seeing.

Booty Magic!

amber rose breast implants

Amber Rose body shape does have a big bottom, so this fact is not in dispute. Take a look at the booty we are talking about. Here is it at the left. It sure does look totally sumptuous, and just the thing to raise hell with, right? Well, here’s another shot of Amber Rose’s buttocks. Check the Amber Rose before and after pictures again. In the latter picture, the booty has magically acquired a “lifted’ shape that is far too perfect to have been designed by mother nature. So, we can state with some confidence that Amber Rose has had a booty lift that moves her derriere from the ‘awesome” category to the “very fabulous” page! Good for her!

Nosy Matters

amber rose boob job

At the right, check out this 2017 image of Amber Rose at AVENUE Los Angeles, where she went for the NYLON Young Hollywood Party. She’s really made up to perfection, dressed to kill and has no qualms about displaying her massive 36H mammaries to all and sundry. While they do look impossibly tempting, her breasts are not really what caught our attention. Have a look at her nose. Compared to her earlier pictures as seen on the left, Amber Rose’s nose appears to have gotten a little thinner. So, it is either she got a nose job, or the effects of lights and makeup are leading us all astray.

Breast Stories

amber roses tits

Amber Rose’s tits are really the stuff that dreams are made of -soft and sinfully comforting ones at that! Here’s a good image of it at the left. Just be sure not to drool all over it or she will sue you for defamation! Unfortunately, though, she has long expressed a desire to cut down the size of her mammaries, as they were causing her all sorts of personal and physical problems, like backache and general discomfort. She kept to her word and recently underwent a breast reduction surgery. The results of this can be seen at the right and the sight alone is guaranteed to make a saint question his choice of life!

Shame Has No Dealing with Amber Rose!

Amber Rose is one rather extraordinary lady who has made the best use of the cards that life handed to her. She is a woman of many parts and talents and can be as fascinating as a king cobra! Planet earth has yet to hear the last of her, and she does help out in her own way by making it an entertaining place to be in on this galaxy!

So, what are your thoughts on the cosmetic procedures this lady has gone through? Do let us know nicely.

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