Did Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery go right?

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Wendy Williams has been around since the time of the dinosaurs and doesn’t look to be toeing their path anytime soon! For her age she’s still amazingly good looking and has yet to lose her ability to shock and awe, not to mention picking fights with everyone she can and poking her nose as deep as it can go into other people’s businesses.

Over the years, lots of adjectives have been used to describe this lady, most of which are unprintable. Yes, she’s loud, abrasive, outrageous, and lots more, but she still has a way of catching and holding onto the attention of the public at large and milking her fame for all it is worth.

At present, Wendy Williams is going through some personal difficulties relating to her hubby. Her body is also not as strong as it should be and she has had to take a leave of absence to recover, recuperate and think of better ways of getting our collective blood boiling! She’s due for a return to her eponymous show sometime soon and we all know that most of you who are currently reading this are going to tune in to watch her taking apart folks like they are made of Lego bricks!

So, what were the early years of this chocolate-skinned hot mama like? Care to find out? Then keep reading and keep your eyes peeled for lots of Wendy Williams Childhood Pictures.

Wendy Williams Goes to Town!

Wendy Williams made an appearance on this planet on July 18, 1964. Her parents were Thomas and Shirley Williams and she is the second of three kids. When she was 5 her family moved to New Jersey, where she got her schooling. She has an Associate of Science degree in communications from Northeastern University, Massachusetts. At college, Williams was a DJ for WRBB, which was the college radio station.

wendy williams breasts

Her career began with a stint at WVIS which is in the US Virgin Islands. Soon after, she moved to Washington, where she got a job at WOL and combined this afternoon job with an overnight weekend shift at Queens called WQHT.

wendy williams young

In the year 1989, Williams began working at WKRS, now WEPN-FM. She got a full-time gig running the morning show and a year later got the coveted afternoon shift. In 1993, her dedication to her craft was recognized when she won the “Best On-Air Radio Personality” award.

In December 1994, WKRS was bought out by Emmis Broadcasting. Williams was reassigned to WHQT, which focused on hip-hop. She got the sack in 1998.

young wendy williams

WUSL, a Philadelphia urban station hired her soon after, with her husband Kevin Hunter becoming her agent. On air, Williams made a point of talking about everything and anything, with nothing much left sacred. Thus, she frankly and disparagingly discussed all aspects of her personal life, including her former addiction to drugs, her miscarriages and the cosmetic procedures she had then undergone. Due to this and more, her station soon shot from 14th to 2nd in the ratings.

In 2001, Williams made a triumphant return to New York when she got hired full time by WBLS. Her radio show was renowned for lots of craziness, mixed with humor and all sorts of confessions from both her and her guests. Perhaps the perfect example had to be a 2003 interview with the late Whitney Houston, during which Williams peppered Houston with questions related to her addictions and inability to hold on to a dime. Houston, to put it mildly, was not amused and let loose a veritable flood of expletives that burned off the ears of some listeners.

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By 2008, Williams had grown to such an extent that she was syndicated to a slew of other places, cities, and states. In 2009, she dumped her radio show in order to have lots more family time and focus on her TV program, The Wendy Williams Show.

wendy williams before she lost weight

This show took off on July 14, 2008, and was first beamed to four cities. The show created a boatload of buzz and was highly successful. So successful was it that by 2010, BET had paid the equivalent of a bucket of diamonds for the right to broadcast it internationally, to 54 countries no less.

For her work on the show, Williams has received multiple Emmy nominations. The show draws around 2.4 million daily viewers, which the great Ellen Degeneres is often unable to match.

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Williams suffers from hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease, with this occasionally making it difficult for her to do what she does best. She has made appearances in the TV series Martin (1992) as well as the soap opera One Life to Live (2011). She has also appeared on other shows, either as a contestant or a judge and has performed stand up comedy.

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Williams is also into business. In early 2015, she partnered with Home Shopping Network to launch a clothing line for common folks. This was a massive success and was sold out in less time than it takes to blink! Via QVC, Williams sells some jewelry products that sure does look pretty on the neck.

Wendy Williams’ first husband was according to her a salesperson, but not much is known about this fella. She appears to have divorced him long ago. In the latter part of 1997, Williams got married to her current husband, Kevin Hunter. She had a son for him on August 18, 2000. It has been alleged that Kevin Hunter has repeatedly assaulted his wife, often publicly. He is also alleged to have demanded sexual favors from her staff.

Lest we forget, Wendy Williams is an inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame, which is no doubt a richly deserved honor.

Wendy Williams and Her Plastic Surgery

On countless occasions, Wendy Williams herself has opened her mouth to tell every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Clayburn with a radio and a working ear that she has had plastic surgery. She was so helpful as to provide a detailed description of the work done, which should considerably simplify our task here. There are plenty of Wendy Williams young body pictures in our collection, but we will only show off a few that best illustrate her plastic surgery sojourn.

So, why not check out a few of the following Wendy Williams before and after pictures and see how her body has been sculpted into the shape it is now. And while you are at it, have a look at some Wendy Williams childhood pictures that show off her transformation over the years.

Nosing Up

wendy williams plastic surgery

Now, take a look at these two Wendy Williams before and now pictures. In the one to the left, her nose appears to be nearly wide enough to mash potatoes with! In the other picture to the right, that same nose has been considerably cleaned up, thinned and made artistic. Is this due to a miracle? Hell no! So, we make bold to say that Wendy Williams has had a nose job done, though she has not been outspoken about this. It is, however, your business if you wish to ring the bells and proclaim it from the church tower!

Cushy Breast Matters

wendy williams before and now

Are Wendy Williams boobs a reality? Is Kobe Bryant The Man or what? These and other questions are not the sorts to be answered, primarily because the answers are right in front of our collective faces. As previously stated, this lady has over the years made a point of talking about her breasts and the enhancements it has undergone to keep it looking big and bold as brass, as well as sinfully tempting. Now, have a look at this old picture and then turn to the more recent one on the right. Notice the boost in the size of Wendy Williams Boobs? So, yes, Wendy Williams has had breast augmentation surgery. However, such surgery results in breasts being so heavy that they can cause back pain. This means Williams might be due to go under the knife sometime soon so as to make them smaller and more manageable.

Facing It

wendy williams before and now

While Williams has not been so open as to discuss what measures she has taken to get her face looking so unusually youthful, there are grounds to suggest that she has had a facelift done. Check out this pic from a few years ago in which her face can be seen with more than a few wrinkles and fine lines. Then have a look at the one on the right. In this more recent picture, the wrinkles are gone and she looks about as youthful as a hot 30-year old MILF who works out with a will! With her wrinkles magically erased, it seems prudent to state that Wendy Williams has had a facelift procedure of some kind and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Tucking It In!

wendy williams boobs

Nature did not design Wendy Williams to be skinny. She tends to put on weight like she’s being paid for it and has freely admitted that she had liposuction in the past to suck away all the fat. However, by 2012, the fat seems to have returned as can be seen in this picture. In the later picture on the right, she’s as slim as a model and as desirable as the elixir of life. To what could the transformation be attributed to? Well, Williams herself says it was all due to exercise and diet and we will believe that when pink pigs start flying around! As to the reason for her transformation, we tend to think that she had yet another liposuction done and perhaps had a tummy tuck too. If we are wrong, then the earth is flat after all!

Wendy Williams Young or Old – Talented is the word.

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying the skill of this lady or the sharpness of her tongue and wit. She was marked for success at an early age and has gone places few other women or men have even reached. She still has lots of mouth left in her and appears ready to keep on talking her way deeper into our collective consciousness. All hail Wendy Williams, and the polarizing entertainment she makes possible!

So, what are your thoughts on Wendy Williams body? What do you think about her career since she started off and Wendy Williams before and now pictures? How do you feel about Wendy Williams plastic surgery and other related matters? Do let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to send you her name so she can abuse you on her show all year!

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