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Did Dove Cameron Get Plastic Surgery?

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Dove Cameron is an American singer and actress and was born on 15th of January 1996. Cameron is famously known for her dual role that she plays on teen sitcom Liv and Maddie in Disney channel. Her actress carrier with Disney started in 2013 when she began by playing a role of Mal in the descendants’ film till 2017.

Chloe Celeste Hosterman was her birth name before she changed her legal name Chloe to Dove after her father’s date on 2011 as a memory to honor him. What did inspire her into changing her name is that her father Philip Alan Hosterman used to call Dovey or Dove since the time she was a little a girl as a nickname.

Dove Cameron began to act since she was eight years old before they moved to Los Angeles when she was 14-years of age. She also has a 29-years old sister by the name Claire Hosterman and her mother Bonnie J. Wallace who is a book writer.

Dove Cameron had a relationship with a 25-year old Disney actor Ryan McCartan that started in 2013 though they announced it from August 2016 to October 2016.  She Is currently dating 23-years old Thomas Docherty a Scottish actor that she has announced that she is going marry him.

Dove Cameron biography

Early Life.

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Dove Cameron was born on 15th January 1996 in Seattle, Washington Dc, us. Daughter to Bonnie Wallace and Philip Alan Hosterman. Claire Hosterman is her older sister. Bainbridge Island, Washington is where dove Cameron grew up during her childhood. She started acting and performing arts in at Bainbridge community theater at age of 8.

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Her family moved to California, Los Angeles when she was 14-years old, where she sang in the National Championship Show Choir at Burbank High School. Besides being bullied and other challenges, Dove Cameron faced in the entire school experience she was focused with her dream of being a singer and an actress. “I developed passion of becoming a singer and an actress. I totally immersed myself” says Dove. On 2011 her father passed away while she was 15-years of age.

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Musical and Acting career.

In 2007 at the age of 8 Dove Cameron performed at Arts Stage Production by playing the role of young Cosette in Bainbridge. She also did feature on The Secret Garden with BPA by leading the role of Mary in 2008.

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In 2012 Dove was among the cast for the Bits and Pieces as Alena in a new Disney Channel original series. she was introduced into Liv and Maddie that led her into showcasing the dual role of Maddie Rooney and Liv after good performance in Bits and pieces. The pilot episode gained a total viewers count of up to 5.8 million and became the most watched within 2.5 years since the series sake it up, this also played a significant role on Live and Maddie episode 13 renewal by Disney.

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Dove did a cover of Imagine Dragons hit song “On Top of the World” on 27th of August 2013. Cameron’s cover entered and spent three weeks on billboard Kid Digital Songs chart.  “Better in Stereo” was her single release by Disney Records on August 15, 2013. The Better in Stereo topped the Billboard Kid digital song a few days after taking No 21 in its debut in the chart. On June 3, 2014, Cameron released her single “Count Me In” which also peaked at No one on Billboard Kid Digital Song chart.

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In 2015 she was featured in first non-Disney film released by A24 films called Barely Lethal in which she played Liz Larson role. On July 31, 2015, the fil Descendants was released, and Dove Cameron was the starring of the film. The fil got over 6.6 million viewers that boosted Cameron’s two first Billboard Hot 100 song which was “If Only” and “Rotten to the Core” that featured on NO. 94 and No. 38 respectively.

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Dove released a cover song “Genie in a Bottle” the Christina Aguilera’s hit song that premiered in Disney channel on Mach 2018 and gained a total of over 22 million views within one month. Ryan McCartan and Cameron formed “The Girl and the Dreamcatcher” band in 2015. They released “written in The stars” as their first single on October 2, 2015. “Glowing in the dark” was their second single that they released it on 29th January 2016.

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The Girl and the Dreamcatcher went further into releasing their third and fourth single “someone like you” on April 8, 2016, and “Make you Stay” on June 17, 2016. Despite the band success they split up on October 2016 as a result of their breakup.

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Liv and Maddie were officially renewed on December 22, 2015, for season four that was later announced to be the final season for Live and Maddie. Cameron starred the Liv and Maddie season four that the series was released on aired on March 24, 2017.

Dove Cameron has also featured in Presentation of “Hairspray Live” in NBC live television in which she played the role of Amber Von Tussle which was aired on 7th December 2016. This presentation had positive feedback and praises from the fans.

Cameron reenacted her favorite role as Mal in the Descendants in 20117. Cameron also was featured in Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 5 assuming the role of Ruby daughter of General Hale. Cameron was also announced that she would star in the musical adaptation of the 1995 film Clueless and her role will be Cher.

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Dove Cameron announced that she had signed a contract with Colombia Records on March 21, 2018, after the end of Descendant 3.

Dove Cameron’s Awards and Nominations

dove cameron plastic surgery

Dove Cameron has been nominated five times continuously since 2014 debut with Liv and Maddie and has won One award which is “Daytime Emmy Award” as an Outstanding performer in children’s series that took place on 2018.

About Dove Cameron plastic surgery

Besides the success achieved by the gorgeous looking Dove Cameron, there have been a lot of speculations that her good looking and her hot sexy body is due to cosmetics enhancements. Most arguments that are based on the speculations are plastic surgeries such as the breast augmentations, lip fillers and a nose job that are visible to the public.

Regardless of the speculations, she is still a 22-year-old, beautiful young actress with an incredible singing and acting talents that have made her win the hearts of many fans around the world. Without further ado let’s have a look and compare the pictures before and after to see if the speculations are correct.

Dove Cameron Lips injections.

dove cameron lip fillers

Over the past two years, her lips have been one of the talking points by her Instagram followers. As see in the photos above her lips appear to plumber despite her face being slimmer than when she was a teen. The most visible evidence of lips injections is her lower lip; this appearance can only be achieved by using injectable fillers.

Based on the above comparison we can easily agree that the lips injections speculations were true and undeniable even from Dove herself.

Dove Cameron Nose jobs.

dove cameron nose job

The other frequent question asked by is “did Cameron have a nose job done on her nose?”. According to her before and after photos above there is a clear indication that Dove Cameron did take a nose job done. When you compare after and before photos, you will be able to notice some distinctive features such as nasal bridge and a hump.

In her, before photo, her nose appears to have a small bulge while the other one there isn’t a bulge at all. These are an excellent reason to conclude that she is likely to have a nose job.

Dove Cameron Boobs.

dove cameron boob job

Dove Cameron social media fans have lately been debating about her boobs. Some have been arguing that the famous Disney star has got her boobs done. A higher percentage of her fans have agreed with the rumors since there is visible proof and breast implants is a common thing among the Hollywood stars these days.

When you look after and before pictures of this Disney star, you notice there is a change in the cleavage appearance that isn’t natural. The benefits of doubt will be applied in this case since there isn’t much to authenticate the claims and also she has been dressing on push up clothing lately that may quickly change the appearance of her boobs.

Dove Cameron Teeth.

dove cameron lip injection

dove cameron lipsDespite it being a smaller, it is still noticeable, the uneven, crooked teeth that Dove used to have disappeared when you see on most of the recent photos of her smiling. When you look at her pictures while she was still teen, you will notice that one of the four front teeth fronts appear to be smaller than the two front teeth, but in the after photo, the teeth seems to be equal to the other front teeth.

These changes may certify the claims that there has been some dental cosmetic work done on her teeth, for example, the veneers and braces.


Despite Cameron’s plastic surgery speculations, she has undoubtedly achieved a lot as an actor and singer. Cosmetic body enhancements (plastic surgery) has become a common theme to female Hollywood stars, most of them have undergone these procedures with different reason with one being a reason to impress and look perfect, beautiful and sexy before the frequent flashing cameras.

There are different public perceptions regarding plastic surgery, but all are strongly influenced by media that may affect the real work done with a high level of specialty. For example, plastic surgeons are ranked the lowest according to the public when it comes to proving care to the patients in the hospital. These claims aren’t right when you define the roles they play.

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