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Is it actually possible to live on planet earth without being aware of a sweet looker like Ariana Grande? We resolutely think not! This girlie is easily one of the most famous faces around and has sold more records than there are grains of rice or oats in your pantry!

Her rise could be called meteoric, but that description does seem too blaze. Instead, let’s all just agree that she is one massively talented lady who still looks all of 16 years old and happens to have a tight, perfect figure no angel on high could ever say no to!

Talking of her body, Ariana is distinctive for her really short stature, dimple, and a voice of astonishing vocal range. Apart from being a singer, she is also an actress of no mean repute and a noted philanthropist. She has been artistically inclined since birth, has won most of the winnable awards that could be given to a sweetie like her and considering her very tender age will yet win many more.

So, what were her early years like and how did she become so famous as to be on the radio all the time singing about one thing or the other in that amazing voice of hers? Read on for a short biography that will provide the answer to this and many other questions.

Revelations About Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery.

Ariana Grande- A Short Bio

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Ariana Grande was born Ariana Grande-Butera on June 29, 1993. Her dad is Edward Butera, who ran a graphic design firm, while her mother is Joan Grande, a CEO in charge of a firm that manufactured safety and communications equipment. Ariana has a half-brother called Frankie Grande who is in the entertainment industry. The inspiration for her name came from Princess Oriana, as seen in Felix the Cat: The Movie.

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Ariana’s parents separated when she was a kid, with that causing some emotional problems for her. As a child, she tended to be very artistic, featured in musicals, and performed in children’s theaters.

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Her chance at the big life came in 2009 when she was cast in Victorious, the iconic Nickelodeon show. In her role as Cat Valentine, Ariana played an adorable scatterbrain and was compelled to regularly dye her hair red so as to fit in with her character. Victorious was massively successful, getting Ariana a much-coveted teen idol status, but that was not really of much importance to her, as she was anxious to be a noted musician rather than an actress.

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During the filming of Victorious, Ariana sang covers of songs by some of the most famous artists around, like Whitney Houston, Maria Carey, and Adele. She then uploaded these on YouTube. Monte Lipman who was the CEO of an outfit called Republic Records came across these covers and was as impressed as all get out. He soon signed her up, with her first single being “Put Your Hearts Up”. The track was reasonably successful, with the RIA certifying it gold.

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Soon after Victorious came Sam & Cat, where Ariana reprised her earlier roles in Victorious and iCarly. In this new sitcom, Ariana as Cat Valentine along with Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett formed a babysitting business with predictably disastrous results. This new sitcom was more successful than her previous work and got her loads of attention.

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Her first studio album titled Yours Truly was released on August 2013. it debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 and sold off 138,000 copies in the first week alone. It also had top 10 placements in quite a few other countries. “The Way” was the lead single off the album and featured the late Mac Miller.

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Her second studio album was released in 2014. Titled My Everything, it had “Problem” as the lead single. This single soon after climbed to no 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and made a number one splash at the UK Singles Chart. That same year, “Problem” won Best Pop Video award at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

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In 2015 Ariana went on tour all over the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In 2016 came the Dangerous Woman album, which incidentally did very well for itself. In 2017 she went on tour to promote her new album. On the 22nd of May 2017, following her concert at the Manchester Arena, UK, a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing 23 and wounding more than 500. This tragedy caused Ariana to suspend the rest of her tour. Soon after she held a benefit concert with the proceeds -$23 million- being utilized for the aid of all who were affected by the bombing.

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Her fourth studio album was Sweetener and was released on August 2017. It was widely critically acclaimed. It had a number one debut in the Billboard 200 and at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards got Ariana a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.

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The lead single for her fifth studio album was titled “Thank You Next” and had a November 2018 release. This song debuted right at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and within 24 hours of its release had gone on to break lots of records.

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When asked, Ariana cites Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as her biggest influences. Over the years of her career, she has been nominated for and has won more than a few awards, which might take an hour or so to enumerate. So, let’s save that for the next time!

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Details

Look at Ariana Grande. Yes, look at her. She appears totally perfect, right? Everything is in its correct place and her booty is perky enough to brew coffee with, right?

Well, what if we told you that Ariana Grande has had some work done so as to look so fabulous. And no we are totally serious about this and will soon prove it to you. Now, read on and prepare for detailed examinations of some Ariana Grande before and after pictures that will prove we are not just talking out of our hat.

Ariana Grande Get Nosey

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Take a peek at Ariana Grande’s schnozzola back when she was nobody and as cute as all get out. Then take another look at this more recent picture where she looks so beautiful the heart cannot help but flutter. If you kept your eyes open instead of ogling her titties you might have noticed that in the latter pic her nose has mysteriously gotten pointy enough to poke out the eye of the unwary! While Ariana is not saying anything about how her nose got magically reshaped, it seems that she had it sculpted by a surgeon of great skill. So, yes, an Ariana Grande nose job definitely appears to have taken place!

Booby Tunes Ariana Grande

ariana grande before and after

Oh Lordy, Ariana Grande sure does have small boobies. These are barely 32A and are so small that if you blinked you might miss them! Take a look at this old picture of hers and see just what we mean. Then cast your eyes on a picture of hers taken later on in her career. Yes, Ariana Grande boobs definitely appear to have gotten bigger. Now, this could be because she is still young and still growing. It is also possible that she might be wearing a push-up bra or choose to stuff an apple down her dress when this picture was taken! However, there is a slight chance that she underwent breast augmentation surgery to get her jugs looking this good and emm…big.

Booty Fun Ariana Grande

ariana grande boobs

Now, Ariana Grande has nothing at all in the booty department so far as girls like Nicki Minaj and J-Lo are concerned. Still, she does have a mean booty. This is small, perky as sin and tight enough to be used as a drum at her next concert! However, her small butt does perfectly complement her slim frame. Have we made you all sweaty by talking about her booty? If so, take a look at it here and see for yourself. Nice isn’t it?

Then take a look at another more recent picture of hers. Isn’t she a looker? Check out the perfect legs, perfect face and a booty that’s just a little bigger than it should be. That’s right. Perusing her more recent pictures shows that her booty has gotten a makeover of sorts and is now more sharply defined. Most of her fans are of the opinion that any changes in her booty area are simple due to exercise, the influence of the moon and seven planets and the like. But might it be due to butt augmentation surgery? As of now, that remains an open question.

Ariana Grande and Lippy Magic

ariana grande lips

Ariana Grande has always had relatively thin lips, one that most males would, however, sacrifice a kidney, a spleen, and an eye just to kiss! Take a look at it here you will and try to think clean thoughts! Now, shortly after her “Dangerous Woman” video, Ariana was dogged with rumors that she had her lips injected to make them appear fuller. Here’s a picture of the lips in question and yes there does seem to be a difference when compared to the other picture. Professionals have however weighed in and have debunked this rumor. According to them, the change in Ariana Grande lips is due not to lip fillers but the clever application of makeup. Well, such experts could be right. But till someone who has kissed this beauty comes and spills the beans as to the true state of her lips, we remain convinced that she has had her lips artificially plumped up.

Leggy Delights Ariana Grande !

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In this picture, Ariana has relatively thick legs and thighs. They do look great, but are not really worth having an aneurysm over! In this other picture, however, her legs and thighs have gotten considerably slimmer, to the point that they simply look too perfect to belong to a human. The state of her legs quickly red to rumors that Ariana had undergone liposuction to shape them up. But this no longer appears to be true. Apparently, she has lost a lot of weight since the first picture was taken. Apart from weight loss she has also according to her personal trainer been seriously exercising to get her legs looking as they do now. That’s a leggy relief!

Problem? Ariana Grande Is All You Need!

Anyhow you look at it Ariana Grande is one very remarkable lady. She has a knack of looking more perfect than perfect, has what has to be the cutest face on the planet and enough talents to fill up an aircraft hangar! This lass can really smile too and when this happens the whole universe seems to light up!

So, what are your opinions of her? Do you like the fact that she looks ageless and appears set to sing, act, dance and shake her signature tight and perky booty till the moon turns to cheese? Does the thought of Ariana Grande plastic surgery creep you out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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