Are Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

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Jennifer Lopez or J Lo is just one of those ladies who are simply too fascinating to be properly described in anything other than a 3-volume work! She has been around the block, has paid her dues to the full, been poor and wealthy and tasted success and failure in equal measure. She’s as well one of the most beautiful women this planet ever produced and is a big booty pioneer way before the likes of Kim K even thought that was worth having. There have been Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors making the rounds ever since she started getting attention and Benjamins and this article will try to address that.

Over the years, J Lo has shifted more than 80 million records, has gotten her very own star at the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame and has more awards than she knows what to do with. She keeps it real, stays relevant no matter what and is immensely relatable, charming, driven and yes, very bootiful. Currently, she owns a production company, a few clothing lines, and fragrances and is engaged to baseball hunk Michael Rodriguez.

From all appearances, she really seems to have it all. Read on for a brief biography of this Latin superstar.

Jenny From The Block!

jennifer lopez plastic surgery

The future American singer, actress, producer, dancer, and entrepreneur was born Jennifer Lynn Lopez on July 24, 1969, to Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. Her birthplace was the Bronx, her mother was a homemaker, while her father worked as a computer technician. Jennifer Lopez has two sisters, one of whom is older than her.

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From an early age, Jennifer took singing and dancing lessons, encouraged by her parents as they were of the opinion it would keep her out of trouble. During her last high school year, Lopez auditioned for and got a role in My Little Girl (1986), with this serving to activate the formerly dormant acting bug in her system.

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Her parents were not in support of her budding acting career and instead wanted her to pursue a college education. This led to a falling out, with Lopez moving into a Manhattan apartment. It was during this time that she performed in such musicals as Oklahoma and Jesus Christ Superstar, and was later given a role as part of the chorus in Golden Musicals of Broadway, as they embarked on a European tour.

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In 1991, Lopez got a role as a backup dancer for a group called New Kids on the Block and performed with them during the 18th Annual American Music Awards. Soon after, she got a shot at the big time after sort of winning an audition as a Fly Girl dancer for the TV show, In Living Color. She stayed with the show till 1993 and in that time briefly performed as a backup singer for Janet Jackson.

jennifer lopez before and after

Her initial professional acting debut work was in the movie Lost in the Wild (1993). Later that same year, she inked a deal with CBS to appear on the TV series Second Chances. Her first important big-screen role was in the drama My Family (1995). For her performance, Lopez got an Independent Spirit Award nomination.

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In late 1995, Lopez appeared opposite Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in Money Train. The next August, she played a supporting role in the comedy, Jack. In February 1997, Lopez appeared in Blood and Wine. In March of that same year came what was perhaps her most acclaimed role. This was as Selena, in the biopic of the same name. In April, she starred in Anaconda, with John Voight and Ice Cube and won high praise for her role in Out Of Sight (1997), in which she played a law enforcement official that ends up falling for a sweet-faced and sweet-talking criminal

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In May 1999, Lopez released her debut single, “If You Had My Love”. This made a no 1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Her album, On the 6 was released soon after and went on to amaze both critics and fans who were at that time highly doubtful of her singing abilities.

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In August 2000, she featured in The Cell a disconcerting thriller if there ever was any. Her second album J.Lo had a January 23, 2001 release and a no 1 debut on the US Billboard 200. In the same week, the Wedding Planner, a movie in which she starred opposite Matthew McConaughey got released and immediately occupied the top box office spot.

In April of that same year, she launched J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez, a clothing and accessory line tailored for voluptuous ladies. A month later she starred in Angel Eyes, which tanked at the box office and had mixed reviews. With her career appearing to be on a downward slope, she acted to halt the slide with “I’m Real (Murder Remix)”. This zoomed to the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and was followed by an album remix that was equally successful.

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In May 2002, Lopez appeared in Enough, a movie in which she escapes from an abusive relationship. Reportedly, the stress of filming was so intense that she had what appeared to be a nervous breakdown. In September 2002, Glow by JLo, her debut fragrance went to the market and eventually became the best selling fragrance in the US.

Her third studio album, This Is Me… Then, saw a November 2002 release and had the very iconic “Jenny From The Block” as its lead single. The album was a powerhouse and shifted around 2.6 million copies just in the US. In December of that year, Lopez appeared in Maid In Manhattan, which went on to become her highest grossing film.

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In August 2003, Lopez appeared opposite Ben Affleck in Gigli. Unfortunately, it laid a mighty egg at the box office and was brutally panned by critics. In March 2004, she played a bit part in Jersey Girl opposite Ben Affleck. That October she danced her way through Shall We Dance, opposite Richard Gere. This movie was a box office success.

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Rebirth, her fourth studio album came in February 2005. In May, Lopez appeared in Monster-In-Law opposite Jane Fonda and in August had a major role in An Unfinished Life, a drama that’s based on the book of the same name. Bordertown, a soul-stirring movie about the murder of females in Mexico had a May 2006 release. Como Ama una Mujer, her fifth studio album was released early the next year and had a very successful run.

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In September 2007 she appeared in El Cantante, a biographical work about the life of noted salsa singer Hector Lavoe. It was a box office flop. Brave, her sixth studio album failed to do as well as the others that came before it. Her seventh studio album, Love was moderately successful and had some outstanding singles.

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Jennifer Lopez joined the tenth, eleventh and thirteenth season of American Idols as a judge and on May 2012 starred in What to Expect When You Are Expecting, a movie that’s based on the book of the same name.

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Her Dance Again World Tour opened on June 14 and in June 2013 she starred opposite Jason Statham in Parker, with her performance being well received. Her eighth studio album, A.K.A. came in mid-2014 and did well for itself.

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In January 2015, The Boy Next Door, a thriller with an erotic twist that was co-produced by Lopez saw a global release. Though it did not impress critics, it ended up being a box office hit.

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Shades of Blue, an NBC crime drama in which Lopez had a lead role and was the executive producer premiered in January 2016. It was so well received that it was renewed for a second and then a third season. In July of that same year, she kicked off a dance competition series called World of Dance and served as both a judge and producer. In December 2018, she stared in, as well as produced Second Act, a comedy movie that enjoyed mixed reviews and some limited commercial success.

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In the personal sphere, her first marriage was to Ojani Noa, a misbegotten gentleman if ever there was any. This marriage lasted from February 1997 to January 1998. Lopez next dated Sean Combs and Chris Judd. She married the latter guy in September 2001 and divorced him in June 2002.

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Soon after she entered a relationship with Ben Affleck and became engaged to him. They broke up in January 2004. Next Lopez dated and soon married Marc Anthony, her friend of many years. The marriage lasted from June 2004 to July 2011 and produced twins, a boy, and a girl. Lopez has had a recurring relationship with Casper Smart, and in February 2017 entered into a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player. They became engaged in March 2019, with the announcement coming from an Instagram post.

J Lo surgery – Baby Got Back!

With her rear end sticking out like it had a life of its own, Jennifer Lopez has one of the most distinctive figures around and is a high caliber beauty. This mother of two still has a firm body, a firmer pair of knockers, a flawless face, legs that stretch on to infinity and the aforesaid magnificent booty. And she’s nearly 50.

Given that few women her age look as magically attractive, we can’t help but wonder what is in the water she’s drinking, or how many surgical waiting rooms she has visited over the years. While Jennifer Lopez has never admitted having a surgical procedure of any kind performed on her body, we feel it’s simply not credible to claim that her beauty is wholly natural, at least not after we went digging and uncovered some juicy findings. Here they are:

Rock Da Booty!

j lo breast

Jennifer Lopez has a booty that has been described as a “cultural icon”, whatever that is. It is also said to have served as the inspiration for the massive hit “Baby Got Back”, and for good reason. Here are a couple of images of the most famous rear end in the business. The one on the left is from when she was much younger and sinfully fresh-faced. In the other image taken much later on, there seems to be an increase in her booty size. So, we asked around and it turns out that Jennifer Lopez did not undergo a booty lift. Instead, she is apparently so proud of her bum that she assiduously works at the gym, toning and shaping it into the weapon of mass distraction that it is!

Sweet Tito!

j lo breast

Most Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery rumors relate to J Lo breast. In fact, if we had a penny for all the moments we heard that Jennifer Lopez boobs were fake, we would have bought Tahiti by now! With J Lo breast attracting this much attention, we managed to snag a couple of images that show off the changes it has undergone. Here’s an old picture of her on the left. Peek at her boobies. They are a nice pair, right and doesn’t she look all fab? Now, there on the right is a much more recent image of hers. As can be seen, Jennifer Lopez boobs are practically bursting. She also seems to have moved a couple of breast sizes up and the tits are much more fuller and rounder. From this, we can state that she underwent J Lo breast augmentation procedure of some sort. Indeed, this is one Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery we are willing to bet our bottom dollar on as having actually happened!

Nosed Up

jennifer lopez surgeries

One J Lo surgery we often hear about has to do with her nose. Check out this before and after picture of ours. In the fresh-faced image on the left, she has a much wider nasal bridge, with the nose tip being much rounder. In the image to the right, the bridge has been thinned and the whole nose looks sleek a sin. It is likely that we are wrong and the change can be attributed to makeup, which the star, of course, has in abundance. But we don’t think so, with a Jennifer Lopez nose job being a much more credible reason for the noted changes.

Face Matters

j lo surgery

Jennifer Lopez’s face has been through a lot over the years, but recent pics show her looking like a 20-year old hot starlet. So, we performed our magic and consulted a few experts and what they have to say about this is interesting. According to them, J.Lo has had Botox injected to give her brows a lift. Her cheeks are also filled in, with this being rather noticeable whenever she smiles. Neck lift and brow lift procedures are also likely, but our experts are not prepared to swear to that. Here are some before and after pictures so you can judge things for yourself.

The Teeth Show!

jennifer lopez plastic surgery

J.Lo does have a rather dazzling smile. However, this has been surgically enhanced. For starters, her lips appear to have fillers that maximize their fullness and shape, while her teeth have been expertly whitened. With all these, it is no wonder that her smile is in the billion-watt category!

Conclusion: Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

Jenny from the block now owns the block, lock, stock, and barrel! She has received just about all the awards there are and is one of the most successful artists ever, as well as one of the richest. Also, Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery is real. Let’s give her some proper accolades, folks!

Now, what are your thoughts as to Jennifer Lopez surgeries over the years? Sing us your answer in the comment section below!

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