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Are Christina El Moussa Breast Implants Real?

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Christina El Moussa is a really hot mama, a famous American TV personality and real estate investor who has made a killing in the market. She is blond, beautiful, and looks just like the stereotypical MILF teenagers spend a large part of their days fantasizing about! She appears to have a head for figures, a prodigious talent for house flipping and an easy, breezy manner that could get her signed into someone’s will without much effort!

Divorced and mother to two of the most beautiful kids around, Christina El Moussa currently has a net worth widely estimated at $4 million and has been dogged by rumors that her photogenic face looks owe quite a bit to cosmetic surgery procedures. This and more will be explored later.

In the meantime here’s a short bio of this oh-so-sexy-lady that will make you try to get her number!

Blondly Christina El Moussa!

Christina El Mousa was born on July 9, 1983, in Orange Country, California. Her birth name was recorded as Christina Meursinge Haack, which is barely pronounceable without biting off half the tongue! She has a younger sister, went to a southern Californian school and after college dived head first into the real estate world. This was where she got acquainted with her future hubby and total hunk, Tarek El Moussa. They got married in 2009 and divorced in 2017. They had a girl soon after marriage and she conceived a boy later through artificial means.

christina el moussa breast implants

Once the couple got married they operated a real estate agency in Orange County named after themselves. They began their buy and flip operations when the El Moussa Group, along with a partner by the incredible name of Pete De Best bought a house and flipped it for a cool profit of $34,000. This house flipping went on successfully, to the point that the El Moussa Group was able to expand into states like Nevada and Arizona.

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Previously, the El Moussa Group had been making some serious money month after month. This ceased during the 2008 stock market crash when the real estate sector basically imploded. The couple consequently saw their earnings drop like no one’s business.

christina el moussa without makeup

In 2011 and on a whim, Tarik sent an audition tape to a production company. For some reason, the production company liked what they saw. Next year the couple were signed up by HGTV to a weekly program that showcased the different processes involved in purchasing distressed properties and then renovating them. The show hit the screens in 2013 and proved popular with viewers.

christina el moussa plastic surgery before and after

In 2018, Christina got her own spin-off called Christina on the Coast that showcased her new life post-divorce. Christina El Moussa is of mixed ethnicity and is popular on the social media scene with nearly 2 million Instagram followers. She became romantically involved with TV presenter Ant Antsead in 2017. They got married on December 22, 2018, and apparently plan to live happily ever after!

christina el moussa bra size

Christina El Moussa Lives The Sweet But Fake Life!

This blond beauty with the cherubic smile and heart-stopping figure has always been dogged by allegations that her underpinnings are faker than a 3 dollar bill. There have been rumors that Christina El Moussa boobs have been augmented, her booty uplifted, her face tightened to the limit and the like. She has however been tight-lipped on this and other related issues. To know the truth or otherwise, read on and kindly keep your eyes peeled.

In Christina El Moussa Tits We Trust!

christina el moussa tits

Christina El Moussa’s boobs are all shades of fabulous! The shape is just like most sweet and juicy jungle fruits and the fact that they have stayed that way after her having a couple of kids is quite amazing. Now, check out this relatively old picture. Focus on her chest area and feast your eyes. You done? Then take a look at this more recent picture. Notice any change? Well, her boobs appear to have grown in size and sweetness!

Now, this might be due to the fact that she might have stuffed a pair of coconuts down there on a whim or is experiencing some hormonal issues. Lots of folks are however not too shy to state that Christina El Moussa breast implants are a reality. This might be true or otherwise. But rather than endlessly debate that let’s go back to the boob-awesome pictures above and continue staring at the juicy fruits on display till the cows come home! And by the way, Christina El Moussa bra size is 32C.

Facing up!

christina el moussa measurements

For a 36-year old lady, Christina El Moussa sure is hot as fire! Long legs and a sweetly perky booty are accompanied by a small waist and a ravishing face that’s framed by blond locks. However, there seems to be an issue of sorts.

Given her age, this lady would be rightly expected to have some wrinkles and such like. Instead, there’s none, with her face looking like that of a teen who just got a new boyfriend! Check out these Christina El Moussa before and after pictures and see for yourself. And take a good look at Christina El Moussa without makeup. From all this pictorial evidence one can only infer that she had some cosmetic procedures done in order to look forever young. And who can blame her.

Still, cosmetic procedures or not Christina El Moussa measurements and net worth still make her a hot mama most guys would kill for any day of the week!

Lippy Sweetness!

flip or flop christina plastic surgery

Want a look at Christina El Moussa plastic surgery face? Need to feast your big eyes on Christina El Moussa plastic surgery before and after pictures? Then take a look at this picture. Drag your eyes to her luscious lips and study them with minute care.

Then take a look at a more recent picture. Notice what’s there? Yes, her lips are definitely fuller. Now, this might be due to her getting kissed just before the last picture was taken, or it might be due to clever makeup applications and the like, but those explanations are very unlikely. Rather, it appears the good lady had lip surgery done to get her mouth looking fuller and ready for any kissing business. Good for her we say! Here are some more lippy pictures. Awesome aren’t they?

Blond Beauty Strikes Again!

Christina El Moussa is a prominent, successful and business-savvy lady who keeps her eyes on the target no matter what! She can be outspoken and direct but sweet and considerate and by most accounts and unlike most other celebrities is a nice person to know.

So, given the above pictorial evidence showing that she has had work done on her body beautiful to get it smashing beyond endurance, what do you think of that?

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