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About Kim Taeyeon Career life and Plastic Surgery Speculations

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Kim Tae-yeon, born 9th March 1989 is a South Korean singer that goes by the stage name Taeyeon. Kim was born in Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea. Kim grew up with her two siblings; her sister Kim Haeyeon and a brother Kim Jiwoong.

Kim’s singing talent came from her parents, her mother had won children’s songs competition when she was young, and her father was a vocalist in a band. Kim started her training at SM Entertainment’s Starlight Academy while in school before joining the Girl’s Generation (agency’s girl’s group) as a member in 2007.

Kim’s success was due to the success of Girl’s Generation group on the Asian music scene that also saw her participate in agencies projects such as SM the Ballad, Girl’s Generation- TTS and Generation-Oh! GG. Apart from group events, she has recorded songs for various televisions movies and dramas.

Apart from singing Kim is also a model, actress, radio DJ, and TV presenter as part of her other life occupation. Her motto “Don’t do something that you will regret later.” Her nicknames:  Jum Taeng, Umma, Tete, Ajumma, ByunTaeng (pervert Taeng), Kid Leader, Taeng, Taengoo (Taeng9).

Kim Biography

Early Life (1989-2008)

taeyeon before

Taeyeon started taking music lessons dung her second year in middle school. To pursue her vocal lessons her father in ensured that she got into SM Academy (SM Entertainment auxiliary institution). She took three years training all lessons given by her vocal instructor professionally known as “The one.” In the 2011 interview, she described Kim as a “top student with a dream of reaching her top potential.” In 2004 she gave Taeyeon a chance to be in his song “You Bring Me Joy” to know her potential. During the same year, Kim took part SM Youth competition in which she won the competition and received a contract from SM Entertainment. In 2007 she debuted as a member of Girl’s generation after a series of tough training that almost made her quit. The group released their single “Gee” in 2009 after gaining popularity in Asia. Besides a tough life in her early music career, she was able to graduate at Jeonju Art High School in 2008 and received the school’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

kim tae yeon plastic surgery

2008-2015: SM The Ballad, TTS and Original soundtracks.

taeyeon before and after

Her solo activities that didn’t involve the group first started when she contributed her vocals to “7989” featuring Kangta. After that, she started gaining fame through her several Television soundtracks. In 2008 She recorded “if” for the KBS2 drama Hong Gil Dong and in 2009 recorded for the MBC’s drama Beethoven Virus “Can You Hear Me.” 2008 vocal gained more popularity and later won 2008 Golden Disk Awards as the popularity award.

taeyeon before plastic surgery

During 2009-10 she debuted as the part cast in the “Midnight 2010” was she took the lead role, and this became the start of her acting career. She also played a role as Karoru Amane that came as an advantage of her guitar playing capability, as a teenager who suffered from Xeroderma pigmentosum.

taeyeon nose job

In 2011, she rented her voice to “Different” Kim Bum-soo’s single that featured in Solista: part 2 his seventh album. The song later debuted at No 2 in Gaon Digital Chart. Following the good relationship between Taeyeon and musical director Lee Pil-ho, they collaborated in the production of MBC’s Melodrama soundtrack for The King 2 Hearts in 2012. They recorded “Missing You Like Crazy” the main theme song. After its release on March 2012, the track debuted at number two in both K-pop Hot 100 and Gaon Digital Chart. The song received a lot of positive feedbacks, and at 2012 Seoul Drama Awards it was voted the most popular soundtrack.

taeyeon before surgery

TTS a subgroup of Girl’s Generation was formed in April 2012 with Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. Their EP, Twinkle album became a hit which later became South Korea’s eighth-highest selling album of the year. The TTS went into releasing two more Eps: in 2014 they released “Holler” and “Dear Santa” in 2015. Tiffany and Taeyeon produce a duet track “Lost in Love” which featured in “I Got a Boy” the fourth Korean album by the Girl’s Generations.

Taeyeon joined the roster of SM the Ballad in February 2014.

taeyeon weight loss

Towards the end of 2014, Kim had begun working on her solo album “I” which was released in October 2015. Beside of her being afraid of going solo, she has had enough eight years’ experience. Her EP debuted at No two on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart, became the 16th best-selling of 2015, and the album went further into peaking at the top of Us Billboard World Albums.

taeyeon predebut

2015 was the beginning of OnStyle’s “Daily Taeng9Cam” her current reality show which became the third most popular South Korea’s idol program in 2015. At 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards she was named the Best Female Artist and the Golden Disk Awards in 2016.

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In February 2017 Taeyeon produced her first studio album titled “Fine.” Both the song and the album topped the Gaon Digital chart and Gaon Album Chart respectively. She embarked on “Persona” her first Asia tour on May 2017. Taeyeon released her third EP on December 2017; the album was titled “This Christmas: Winter Is Coming.” The album was well received and debuted at number six on the Billboard World Albums and No two on Gaon Album Chart.

snsd plastic surgery

Taeyeon fourth EP was released on June 2018 and was titled “Something New” her album peaked in No three on the Gaon Album chart and No four on the Billboard World Albums.

tae yeon plastic surgery

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery  

Taeyeon has been the center of plastic surgery speculations for years, and these are majorly due to her beauty transformation in recent years. The South Korean singer has won the heart of many fans with her lovely mesmerizing voice, beautiful eyes, adorable face and cute nose.

Is Taeyeon plastic surgery or SNSD plastic surgery true? Let us all find it out by looking at her beauty transformation from before and after she became famous.

Taeyeon Pre-debut

taeyeon pre debut

What a beauty! When you see her photo during Taeyeon pre-debut training with Start Light Academy, you notice that her nose is fairly full on both in the tip area and the nasal bridge and she still had her baby fat.

Taeyeon nose

taeyeon nose

Taking her photo during 2009 Golden Disk Awards and comparing it with Taeyeon pre-debut photo you can realize the changes in her face structure and nose. The nasal bridge and tip area of her nose seem slimmer compared to her before picture. These suggest that might have got her nose done by a plastic surgeon. If the Taeyeon nose job speculation is true, then kudos to her Surgeon for the perfect job done.

Taeyeon Cheeks

taeyeon face

Looking at the above picture you can notice that her fat cheeks are no more. So is it merely weight loss or she got cheek reduction surgery done?

Taeyeon Eyelid surgery.

taeyeon eye surgery

After Taeyeon released her 2015 solo album, MTV was part of the ones that lead the controversies of Kim getting eyelid surgery. Comparing her 2015 photos and videos with photos and videos of her during a debut at SNSD you can realize double eyelids in her after photos. The change is visible that makes it easier for her fans to speculate about her getting eyelid surgery.


In spite of numerous speculations about Taeyeon plastic surgery, most of her fans have jumped into her rescue with composed comments. They say “are others not allowed to be beautiful,” “I would like to say that in Korea, eyelid surgery is no big deal. Many high school girls get it done during school breaks, as presents from their parents or for their graduation photos” among many other comments on different websites and different social media platforms. Some SNSD plastic surgery speculations might be true but most of her fans have accepted it as a way of life.

These shows more plastic surgery awareness of Kim’s fans. Some fans also refuted about her getting plastic Surgery saying that puberty does a lot to a person and losing weight is one of them. Change is inevitable in one’s life, and it comes with its results (fat loss).

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